Participant FAQs

What is a Developer Challenge?

A Challenge is an online innovation competition in which teams tackle a health care problem identified by a sponsoring organization. Teams build applications or use new datasets to improve patient experiences, health care delivery, and medical outcomes.

What is required to submit to a challenge?

Each challenge is different! Usually submissions require some combination of a video, slide deck, written description, mock-up, and link to the application. Be sure to check out the “Requirements” section of a challenge web page to see the specific requirements.

Who owns the applications?

Generally, our intellectual property framework that allows challenge participants to retain ownership of any intellectual property that is developed in a challenge and the right to commercialize the intellectual property without restriction. We do provide some limited rights to sponsors to use and display intellectual property that is developed in a challenge. Note: The IP framework can change. Please see the Terms & Conditions of each challenge.

How do I ask questions to the challenge organizers?

Feel free to email us! Each challenge’s contact person is listed at the top of the challenge page. We also host at least one informational webinar for each challenge and we post the slides and recording of the webinar on the website in the “Media Collateral” section.

If I win a challenge, are there any restrictions on how I can use the money?

Our prizes have no strings attached. We hope that you’ll use the money to improve your product and the health care system.

After judging, can I receive feedback on my submission?

Of course! Please email the challenge contact (on the top of each challenge page) to receive your teams feedback from the judging panel.

What happens after the challenge?

We work with our sponsors and teams to further product development and accelerate commercialization. Our sponsors come from all sectors of the health care industry and they support a challenge because they see a need in the market.

How do I learn about New Challenges?

Sign up for our newsletter and check the Developer Challenge box. We will send 2-3 emails a month with news about our challenges.

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