Our Team

Indu Subaiya, Founder, Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0 CEO and Co-Chair, started her career in health technology assessment at Quorum Consulting and then served as VP of Healthcare at Gerson Lehrman Group, an investment research firm. Most recently she was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Physic Ventures, where she helped evaluate companies in the consumer health space and incubated a start-up focused on online medical records. When she is not co-producing the Health 2.0 Conference, she applies her producing and directing skills to making film.




Matthew Holt, Challenge Enthusiast

Matthew Holt, Health 2.0 Co-Chair, spent the 1990s learning from the best to be a health care futurist at Institute for the future, and a survey researcher at Harris Interactive. In the early 2000s he spent time at a PHR start-up, but since he’s been the author of The Health Care Blog, and co-founder of the Health 2.0 Conference —roles for which he was mostly self-taught!





Developer Challenge Managers


Graeme Ossey Jennifer David Alicia Davis