Accelerating Wireless Health Adoption through a Standardized Social Network Platform

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  • First Place: $10,000
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Alan Viars, Ben Sternthal, Chris Geheran, Tom Heckman

The winning solutions is a blood pressure meter and a weight via a Wii balance board that will be attached to a client’s computing device. Data can be read directly from the device and transmitted via a social network for visual display.


The West Wireless Health Institute is one of the first medical research organizations in the world supporting the exploration and application of wireless technologies to advance infrastructure independent health care. The nonprofit institute is dedicated to innovating, validating, advocating for, investing in and commercializing the use of wireless technologies to transform health care. Based in San Diego, CA - the global center for healthcare innovation - the Institute believes that availability of wireless technologies will transform medicine and, more importantly, lower health care costs.


WWHI is calling on innovative developers to save health care cost through creation of an application that will integrate sensor-derived data with social networks to construct a personalized wireless health ecosystem:

Design a secure, standardizable mechanism that will integrate personalized information from an established social network interface (such as OpenSocial) with health data derived by wireless health sensors. For clarity, a “mechanism” may include some or all of the following: networking and transport layers, protocols, interfaces, data presentation, and API.

OpenSocial defines a common API for social applications across multiple and different profile social network websites (LinkedIn, iGoogle, MySpace etc…). Most social application designs have the same structure: application data, social data, and a template. They are combined to provide a rendered view to the end user. Without any investment in new infrastructure, OpenSocial enables developers to create new applications over distributed social platforms in the “cloud” and move the social web forward.

In the wireless health revolution that we are witnessing, massive amounts of personal health information will be transmitted from remote and wireless bio sensors and vital sign peripherals in real time feeds to EMRs (Electronics Medial Records) and CDSSs (Clinical Decision Support Systems). The xHR interface was suggested by the industry as a transport mechanism.

By integrating social networks with data derived from wireless health sensors, consumers can personalize their groups and communities around specific health objectives such as diet and activity or management of chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes. Creation of this ecosystem facilitates a much sought-after individualized approach to health that leverages the strength of an individual’s social connections to provide motivational support and encouragement in response to their biometric data. The integration of the data from wireless health sensors with social platforms accelerates the wireless health system as a whole by enabling the creation of new, real time social applications together with advanced graphical presentation around specific health objectives.

Review Panel

    • Judging is conducted by a panel of experts assembled by the West Wireless Health Institute and all selections are final.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Method of sensor data generation and type of data (ie ECG vs. table of values)
  • Mechanism and standardization of data delivery
  • Efficiency of data transport and presentation
  • Use of standard interfaces
  • Use of existing social sites
  • Data presentation within the social site
  • Competition is open to any individual(s), companies (both profit and non profit) students, and school teams.
  • Judging is conducted by a panel of experts assembled by the West Wireless Health Institute and all selections are final.
  • The Winner selected will receive a cash prize of $10,000.00 (and dinner with WWHI panel of judges).
  • Judging is final.

Submission Requirements

This challenge is a call to leverage the OpenSocial ecosystems’ APIs and to enable the feeding mechanism of real time data into the social web in a standard and secure manner. An interoperable API and mechanism that will bridge between the OpenSocial architecture and wirelessly-transmitted health information is expected to be developed, with the final deliverable including a sample demonstration.

Participating Teams

CYVA Research