Current Challenges

Have a problem in healthcare that you think technology could help fix? Want to see what creative developers might do with access to new datasets or platforms? Anyone can sponsor a challenge. You can be a foundation, academic institution, investor, government agency, technology company or healthcare organization. If you have a question, you never know who might have a solution. For more details see the FAQs here.

The Allscripts Open API Patient Engagement Challenge

The Allscripts Open API Patient Engagement Challenge asks developers to create an application for use by patients that uses the Allscripts Open APIs to connect to at least one or more Allscripts solution (Professional EHRTM, TouchWorks® EHR, SunriseTM) to obtain the specific health information detailed below.

  • Total Prizes: $15,000
  • Deadline: July 13, 2016

Technology for Healthy Communities

Open Application

Technology for Healthy Communities is open to health technology innovators in the U.S. The innovators will be selected through a competitive application process. The deadline to submit an innovator application is May 17, 2016. Ideal candidates are post-seed companies with products that address (one or more) of the technology needs identified by the communities above and have established proof of validation.

  • Total Prizes: $200,000
  • Deadline: May 17, 2016

AMA Medical Education Innovation Challenge

What if you were approached by a group of medical school leaders planning to develop a new medical school that was truly innovative and unlike any other in the country? These leaders are seeking your input as a student and asking how you would build the medical school of the future from scratch with no constraints.

  • Total Prizes: $9,000
  • Deadline: December 11, 2015

AMA & MGMA Practice Innovation Challenge

The AMA & MGMA Practice Innovation Challenge is designed to seek out and provide funding to develop high-value, easy-to-adopt, transformative practice solutions to help physicians work smarter and improve patient care.

Physicians will submit innovative practice solutions in the form of a one- to three-page written proposal along with a written quantitative tracking methodology with defined metrics.

  • Total Prizes: $50,000
  • Deadline: September 1, 2015

Aetna Foundation, HHS, & NHIT Collaborative Innovating for the Underserved Business Plan Challenge

This challenge is a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to compete with their best ideas for products and services that use technology to reduce disparities and address the needs of underserved and minority populations that are hampered by problems that health IT can easily solve such as access to services and information, language barriers and lack of relevant educational programs.

  • Total Prizes: $75,000
  • Deadline: July 22, 2015

CHCF Decision Aid Upgrade Challenge

Design a Decision Aid that supports the conversation between patients and doctors about chemotherapy and supportive care options for treating advanced lung cancer.

The California HealthCare Foundation is a nonprofit grantmaking philanthropy that acts as a catalyst to fulfill the promise of better health care for all Californians.

  • Total Prizes: $10,000
  • Deadline: May 29, 2015

VA Care Coordination for Improved Outcomes Challenge

Create algorithms (methods, processes and/or tools) for identifying redundancies, gaps, conflicts, and interactions among care-plan items and other data.

  • Total Prizes: $300,000
  • Deadline: July 13, 2015

The Nicholson Foundation & Rutgers University Health Care Delivery Challenge

The Nicholson Foundation & Rutgers Healthcare Delivery Challenge is the second part of a three-part healthcare innovations competition, sponsored by The Nicholson Foundation in collaboration with Rutgers. The challenge will take place virtually over the next few months. Teams will work on proposals for a ready-to-implement service delivery or technology innovation intervention that will address improving health outcomes and/or reducing cost of health care for vulnerable populations in New Jersey.

  • Total Prizes: $50,000
  • Deadline: April 3, 2015
  • Dates: April 22, 2015