Current Challenges

Have a problem in healthcare that you think technology could help fix? Want to see what creative developers might do with access to new datasets or platforms? Anyone can sponsor a challenge. You can be a foundation, academic institution, investor, government agency, technology company or healthcare organization. If you have a question, you never know who might have a solution. For more details see the FAQs here.

RWJF & HHS Provider Network Challenge

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services strive to spur new innovations in health technology that help consumers make better health care decisions, including tools to help consumers identify providers within their insurance networks that are convenient to visit and well-ranked among other patients.

  • Total Prizes: $100,000
  • Deadline: March 6, 2015

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Plan Choice Challenge

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is striving to spur new innovations in health technology that helps consumers make better health care decisions, including selecting health plans, understanding cost-sharing information, and choosing the best provider based on quality ratings and patient experience.

  • Total Prizes: $100,000
  • Deadline: August 18, 2014

Technology for CF Life Transitions Challenge

Technology for CF Life Transitions Challenge seeks a technology-based solution that will keep life organized and manageable.

CF adds layers of complexity in managing transitions throughout adulthood. Create an elegant and seamless solution that helps adults with CF manage the challenges they face when experiencing these transitions.

  • Total Prizes: $105,000
  • Deadline: September 1, 2014

Putting Care in Context: Empowering Patients to Share Their Barriers to Good Health

A large number of social, economic, environmental, and behavioral factors are known to impact health. For the purposes of this challenge, we would like to draw attention to just the following:
Food Insecurity - a lack of stable access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle [3].

  • Total Prizes: $10,000
  • Deadline: June 27, 2014

NYS Health Innovation Challenge

The goal of the NYS Health Innovation Challenge is to create technology-driven solutions that enable consumers, employers, public health experts, communities and purchasers to explore quality, charges and costs data for medical procedures provided by NYS inpatient hospital facilities. The "Healthy Connections = Healthy Communities" solutions may be web-, mobile- or desktop-based and built with information found at Health Data NY, OPEN NY and other open data sites (such as Health Data.

  • Total Prizes: $43,000
  • Deadline: July 31, 2014

PCORI Matchmaking App Challenge

PCORI’s Matchmaking App Challenge offers an opportunity for developers to create a polished app, ready for publication in an app store. The app will be used by patients, stakeholders, and researchers who want to partner with each other and conduct PCOR. PCORI identifies the “patients” community as patients, caregivers, and patient or caregiver advocates.

  • Total Prizes: $150,000
  • Deadline: August 15, 2014

Pilot Health Tech NYC 2014

Pilot Health Tech NYC provides a total of $1,000,000 in funding to 10 or more innovative pilot projects to take place in New York City. The program seeks to match early-stage health or healthcare technology companies ('innovators') with key NYC healthcare service organizations and stakeholders ('hosts'), including hospitals, physician clinics, payors, pharma companies, nursing associations, major employers and retailers. Each pilot project will test a technology prototype in a healthcare setting for a period of approximately 4-9 months.

  • Total Prizes: $1,000,000
  • Deadline: May 23, 2014

Henry Ford Innovation Institute HealthTech Challenge

The Henry Ford Innovation Institute has partnered with Health 2.0 to create a unique, global opportunity for commercializing early-stage technologies that address the root causes of the world’s most pressing healthcare problems. For its inaugural year, the HealthTech Challenge is seeking innovators with mobile-health and IT solutions that address costly, avoidable hospital readmissions. Through Health 2.0’s global network, the Challenge will target innovators in over 25 countries. Five (5) finalists will be selected and awarded $10,000 each. These teams will pitch their projects for the chance to receive capital and in-kind investments and more.

  • Total Prizes: $150,000
  • Deadline: January 3, 2014

Dignity Health and Box Patient Education App Challenge

We are looking for new and exciting technology apps that take advantage of the Box platform to help care teams better educate their patients. We are looking for new teams or startups who are revolutionizing the way doctors and hospitals educate patients. Specific areas of education we are interested in are examples from the outpatient, emergency room, and inpatient workflow areas.

  • Total Prizes: $100,000
  • Deadline: January 10, 2014

RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge

The RWJF Hospital Price Data Challenge is designed to increase understanding and use of recently released hospital price data. The challenge seeks entries from developers that fit into one of two categories. The visualization category encourages submissions that allow users to better understand aspects of the data such as the regional patterns or variation by procedures. The applications/tools challenge encourages submissions that provide an analytical capacity, potentially by combining the price data with other sources of information.

  • Total Prizes: $120,000
  • Deadline: August 26, 2013