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February 6 - February 8, 2015


Jennifer David


  • First Place $20,000
  • Second Place $10,000
  • Third Place $5,000
  • Honorable Mentions $5,000

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Congrats to all the winners, read more about the winning solutions here! Learn more about the event at HackMS


Work with a team to develop a tech-based solution that can help people with multiple sclerosis (MS) better manage their stress. Biogen Idec is seeking innovative approaches that can help teach and enable people living with MS in the following areas:

  • Relaxation skills (eg, meditation and visualization)
  • Problem-solving techniques (eg, information processing and understanding sources of stress)
  • Prioritization tools (eg, planning and managing tasks)


Your task is to develop something meaningful. Solutions can be as a straightforward as a web/mobile app and as complex as software for an existing wearable device. Your solution may utilize information available from any number of sources but what matters most is the idea behind the tool.

Here’s what you’ll need to create to bring your idea to life:

  • Text description of the app or tool, including the need it meets and proposal for implementation (500 words or less)
  • Slide deck describing the application (10 slides or less in PDF format)
  • Wireframes or similar design layout
  • Functional prototype (for extra credit)

Evaluation Criteria

The judging panel will evaluate your solution based on the following criteria:

  • Meets the needs of people with MS
  • Creative and innovative
  • Feasibility
  • User-friendly and intuitive


District Hall
75 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA 02210