Health 2.0 Code-a-thon at SXSW, Sponsored By BodyMedia


March 8, 2013, 2-6pm


  • BodyMedia Armbands + Gift Cards(TBA)


Health 2.0's SXSW Code-a-thon, sponsored by BodyMedia, was a 4 hour coding competition designed around mini challenges using the BodyMedia API. People connected with future collaborators, got their competitive juices going, and enjoyed plenty of drinks and snacks. Before they started working, they learned about the ability, complexity, and scope of the API. Then, with their teams, they had the chance to win some great prizes including BodyMedia Armbands and gift cards(TBA).

Their challenge:

1) Create a good visualization of a week of sample data (steps, calories, sleep), or interesting UI to browse it.
2) Make a game around steps – climb Mt Everest, walk from NY to LA, etc.

More about the BodyMedia API



BodyMedia pioneered the development of wearable body monitors that collect physiological data for use in improving health, wellness and fitness. The company +today provides a variety of around-the-clock on-body monitors utilizing proprietary technology that has been clinically validated for accuracy. Data captured by BodyMedia devices is used by consumers as well as health and wellness professionals to guide behavioral changes to control weight and promote an active lifestyle. BodyMedia has amassed one of the largest databases of information about the human body, and the technology has been used in more than 100 clinical research studies covering health issues such as obesity, COPD, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, cancer, bariatrics, sleep and intensive care.



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