Health 2.0 SF Code-a-thon: Power to the Patient

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September 28-29, 2013


Hemali Thakkar


  • Total Prizes: 10000
Track 1- First Place

Edge Interns

Team Members

Ivan Zhou, Steffie Harner, Diana Ly, Eugenia Kang, Steven Chan

Despite the ready availability of health-tracking applications, few programs provide a fully integrated platform for monitoring both physical and emotional health.

Leveraging the built-in Validic API and the DSM-5, Mind Mentor provides a safe, user-friendly environment for patient-centric health evaluation.

From the administrative suite, doctors can schedule psychiatric appointments, create medication reminders, and monitor their patients’ health.

Patients are empowered by continual reaffirmation, staying connected to their doctor, and by witnessing their own emotional growth.

Track 2- First Place

WTF! Denied?

Team Members

Lauren Still, Amy Gleasen, Rick Trotter, Eric Bell

EOBs are difficult to understand. It is also difficult for a patient to know what to act on, or what courses of action are available to them. We created a responsive/mobile site to extract EOB data and present it to the patient in a redesigned, understandable layout. In addition, the site includes a forum for patients to connect with each other and draw on the community's experience in resolving EOB issues.

Track 1- Second Place

uncleCare LightHearts

Team Members

Phac Le Tuan, Albert Lam, Heather Bachman, Mark Feinholz

LightHearts has created a congestive heart failure post discharge workflow experience that dynamically engages patients and their providers to accelerate recovery and prevent readmissions. Patient engagement is enabled via a mobile app and connected devices, providers with a health tile

Track 2- Second Place


Team Members

Amy Tam, Maria Mariano, Atta Pilram, Anand Navalgund

Consumer tool to manage and verify healthcare costs

Track 1- Third Place

Patient Watch

Team Members

Siamak Ashrafi, Solomon Wu

Use patient data from wearable devices (Validic) to track physiological changes. These changes are mapped to adverse reactions of prescribed drugs and procedures. Doctor notified if reactions are outside allowable levels. Doctor checks the "Health Tile" for appropriate actions.

Track 2- Third Place


Team Members

Tuan Dinh, Anand Inumpudi, Kenny Shum, Tina Yeung, Pengfei Zheng

Starting in 2014, millions of Californians will be able to switch or purchase insurance on the Health Insurance Exchange (HIE). Buying insurance on HIE is challenging due to overwhelming information, choices and difficulties in forecasting future healthcare spending. IN4SURE is designed to improve purchasing decisions on the HIE. IN4SURE will combine personalized healthcare data such as Explanation of Benefits with advanced analytics to rank/recommend insurance plans based on cost, quality and convenience.


Health 2.0's San Francisco Code-a-thon: Power to the Patient is a coding competition designed around building new applications and tools that empower patients and consumers with access to their health data and further engage patients to take more control over their health. Developers, designers, health care professionals, biz dev and entrepreneurs will join forces for 2 days of rapid prototyping and creative health-hacking. Participants come for data, direction, diverse collaborators, darn good food and prizes, and potentially, da beginning of a product or even their next big venture.

It's sure to be a great way to meet like-minded innovators and sharpen your skills under pressure! Winners from previous Health 2.0 code-a-thons have gone on to raise funding, start businesses, receive grants, pilot their technologies and even acquire customers. Take a look at a recap of last year's SF code-a-thon and winners, here.


Day 1: Saturday, September 28, 2013

  • 9:30 – Doors Open/Breakfast
  • 10:00 – Welcome & Overview of the Day
  • 10:30 – Remarks by ONC and Optum
  • 12:00 – Idea pitch session and team formation
  • 1:00 – Lunch! and finish team forming
  • 1:00 – Tech Talks by ONC and Optum
  • 1:30 – Coding begins!
  • 4:00 – Idea check-in-- bounce your ideas off an expert
  • 7:00 – Dinner is served!
  • 11:00 – End of first day

Day 2: Sunday, September 29, 2013

  • 9:30 – Doors Open / Breakfast
  • 10:00 – Continue coding...
  • 1:00 – Lunch!
  • 3:00 – Doors Open to the Public for Presentations!
  • 3:30 – Please submit your project HERE by 3:30pm at the latest!
  • 4:00 – Final SF Code-a-thon 3-min presentations and judging
  • 6:00 – Winners Announced!


Office of the National Coordinator

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is at the forefront of the administration’s health IT efforts and is a resource to the entire health system to support the adoption of health information technology and the promotion of nationwide health information exchange to improve health care. ONC is organizationally located within the Office of the Secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).


OptumHealth works with employers, payers, and providers to help improve the health and wellness of nearly 60 million people by contributing big ideas, hard work, and a commitment to a single goal – helping people live their lives to the fullest.


Validic is an mHealth REST API that connects data from more than 75 mobile health apps, wearables, and in-home medical devices. We standardize endpoints, handle HIPAA/PHI compliance, and offer bulk data calls for platform and enterprise deployment.


VivaPhi is an agency that helps clients in healthcare and beyond think and act strategically, harnessing network effects to support the development of communities, customers, products and services. VivaPhi crafts experiences and communication online and off, with services including consulting, branding & identity, digital/social strategy and execution, PR, engagement, live events, and creative services.


540 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Terms & Conditions


By entering Health 2.0 SF Code-a-Thon: Power to the Patient, you agree that your participation will be governed by, and you shall abide by, all of the following terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) outlined herein below:

1. Mission:
The goal of the Competition is to challenge emerging and experienced developers/ designers/entrepreneurs/ physicians/ clinicians and students, among others to design healthcare related technology solutions. Competition entrants are invited to submit an idea and a prototype of an operable application that would improve/ benefit healthcare services in the US.

2. Eligibility:
The Competition is open only to individuals who are 13 years of age or older as of the date of entry and who are legal residents of one of the fifty (50) states of the United States or the District of Columbia or the U.S. Territories. Any entrant from the age of 13-18 must get parental consent to enter the Competition. The following are not eligible to enter or win the Competition: Employees, officers, directors and contractors of the Sponsors and/or any member of the immediate family (i.e. a spouse, parent, grandparent, child or grandchild of the entrant) or household of any of the foregoing individuals.

3. Entries by Teams:
Entries may be submitted either by individuals or by groups of individuals (each a “Team”). If an entry will be submitted by a Team, each member of the Team must satisfy the eligibility requirements set forth in Paragraph 2 above. Each Team must designate a single member of the Team who will serve as the Team’s sole representative for communications and all other purposes in connection with the Competition (the “Team Leader”). All agreements, consents, representations and warranties made or given by a Team Leader herein or otherwise in connection with the Competition will be binding upon all members of the pertinent Team as if made by each such member.

4. Entry Period:
The entry period for the Competition begins at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on Saturday, September 28, 2013 and ends at 4:00 p.m. PDT on Sunday, September 29, 2013 (the “Entry Period”).

5. How to Enter:
Registration and Participation is FREE. Register Here

6. Competition Guidelines:
At the competition, each individual or Team that submits a Submission (each an “Applicant”) must retain a copy of the Submission. Sponsors are not responsible for, and each Applicant specifically releases Sponsors from any claims or liability relating to, any loss or damage to the Applicant’s Submission.

All Submissions must comply with the following Content Restrictions:
The Submission must not contain material that violates or infringes another’s rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity, copyright, trademark, patent, or intellectual property- or property- related rights; The Submission must not contain footage, images or artwork not created by entrant; The Submission must not contain material that is inappropriate, indecent, obscene hateful, defamatory, slanderous or libelous; The Submission must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age. The Submission must not contain material that is unlawful, in violation of or contrary to the laws or regulations in any jurisdiction where Submission is created.

By entering, each Applicant represents and warrants that (a) the Applicant’s Submission and all components thereof, including all ideas, creative elements and any other materials and information contained in the Submission are wholly original with the Applicant, (b) no person or entity has collaborated with Applicant in creating the Submission, provided any material or information for inclusion in the Submission, or has any ownership rights in and to the Submission or any component thereof (note: an Applicant that is a Team warrants and represents that no person who is not a Team member collaborated with the Applicant, provided any material or information, or has any ownership rights in and to the Submission), (c) Applicant has the exclusive, unconditional right and authority to submit the Submission and to grant the rights set forth herein, and (d) the Applicant’s Submission complies with these Official Rules in full. Submissions must not contain any material that Sponsors, in their sole discretion, deem inappropriate for public viewing and/or determine is contrary to its mission or reputation. Sponsors reserve the right in their individual discretion to disqualify and/or not accept any Submission that Sponsors determine does not or is likely not to comply with these guidelines, to make such changes to any Submission as are necessary to make it compliant, or to require the Applicant to do so.

7. Judging:
The judging of the Competition will proceed as follows:
A panel of judges comprised of Sponsor’s and industry leaders and consultants will review all Submissions to identify those that are complete and otherwise appear preliminarily to satisfy the entry requirements set forth herein. Submissions that appear preliminarily to be complete and to satisfy the entry requirements will be judged based on the Judging Criteria outlined day-of. These entrants will be called qualified (“Qualified Entrant”). A jury of judges comprised both of Sponsors’ designees and industry leaders selected by Sponsors will score all submissions that qualified based on the Judging Criteria.

8. Winner Notification and Verification for the Competition:
Sponsors will notify the potential Winners on the day of the competition. In order to qualify as a Winner, each Applicant must be available in attendance at the competition and present to the Panelists at the competition (and in the event of a Team, at least one member of the Team must be so available).

9. Prizes:
(a) General Terms and Conditions: All income taxes and any other applicable taxes on each prize are the sole responsibility of the recipient. An IRS form 1099 will be issued, if required by law. Prizes consist only of items expressly specified herein. Any costs or expenses associated with the acceptance or use of any prize (including, without limitation, additional transportation, meals, gratuities and incidentals) are the responsibility of the recipient. No substitution, cash redemption or transfer of right to receive any prize will be allowed, except at sole discretion of Sponsors. Sponsors reserve the right to substitute an alternate prize.
(b) The winning projects will be rewarded and prizes are to be determined.
(c) Prize Distribution: The total monetary prize amount is to be determined, awarded in the form of checks or another payment method selected by Sponsors, to be used towards further development by the winner of the winning Submission. In the event that the Prize Winner is a Team, the Team Leader shall receive and be solely responsible for the Prize on behalf of the Team unless all members of the participating team agree to distribution of funds to each individual member separately. Sponsors will have no responsibility for allocation of funds received as part of the Prize among Team members.

10. Grant of Rights:
By entering, each Applicant grants to Sponsors and their designees the irrevocable, royalty-free right to publish, disseminate and use the Applicant’s name, likeness and biographical information (and in the event of a Team, the name, likeness and biographical information each member of said Team) without further notice or consideration, in perpetuity, throughout the world, in all media and formats now known or hereafter invented, in connection with the execution and promotion of the Competition and the promotion of Sponsors and its activities.

In addition, by entering, each Applicant grants to Sponsors and their designees a nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, exploit, adapt, use and display worldwide, in perpetuity, throughout the world, in all media and formats now known or hereafter invented, information about the Submission and the Project and all non-proprietary components thereof, including without limitation posting information about the Submission and/or the Project on the Site (or such other Sponsor designated on-line environment), in connection with the execution and promotion of the Competition and the promotion of Sponsors and their activities, without further notice or compensation.

Each team is responsible for determining the disposition of any intellectual property developed during the course of the code-a-thon. Neither Health 2.0 nor the code-a-thon Sponsor shall be responsible for mediating disputes that arise relating to intellectual property ownership.

11. Disputes:
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of CA without regard to conflicts of laws provisions. Applicant hereby agrees that any and all disputes claims, causes of action or controversies arising out of or in connection with the Competition or these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved individually, and without resort to class action, exclusively by a state or federal court located in Sacramento, California. By entering, each Applicant irrevocably waives any right to seek and/or obtain rescission and/or equitable and/or injunctive relief.

12. Representations & Warranties:
Applicant represents and warrants that he/she: (a) has the right to make a Submission as contemplated hereunder without the need of any consent of any third party; (b) Will abide by these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws and regulations; (c) If Applicant is a Team Leader, that Applicant has the full right and authority to make the Submission and to agree to accept and abide by these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the Team, and that each Team member will abide by these Terms and Conditions; and (d) Applicant is under no obligation or disability, created by law or otherwise, which would in any manner or to any extent prevent or restrict making a Submission or becoming a Winner.

13. Indemnity:
By submitting an entry, each Applicant (including each Team member, with respect to Applicants who are Teams) agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend sponsors, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors and assigns, and each of their trustees, officers, employees and agents (all of the foregoing, the “Sponsor Parties”), from and against the full amount of all claims, liabilities, actions, suits, proceedings, assessments, judgments, decrees, losses, fees, damages, settlement funds, and associated costs and expenses including attorney’s fees arising from or in connection with the Applicant’s participation, any use by Sponsors Parties of the Applicant’s Submission and/or the exercise by Sponsor of any rights granted to it herein, including without limitation claims based on rights of privacy, rights of publicity, false light, defamation, copyright, patent and/or trademark infringement relating to the Applicant’s Submission. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, in the event of any claim by a third party affecting or relating to the Submission, Sponsors shall have, in addition to any other rights available to it, at law or in equity, the right to immediately revoke any prize. Sponsor Parties include Office of the National Coordinator, Optum, and Validic.


15. Release of Claims:
By submitting an entry, each Applicant (including each Team member, with respect to Applicants who are Teams) releases each of the Sponsor Parties from and against the full amount of all claims, liabilities, actions, suits, proceedings, assessments, judgments, decrees, losses, fees, damages, settlement funds, and associated costs and expenses including attorney’s fees arising from or in connection with the Applicant’s participation in this competition, any use by Sponsors of the Applicant’s Submission and/or the exercise by Sponsors of any rights granted to it herein, including without limitation claims based on rights of privacy, rights of publicity, false light, defamation, copyright, patent and/or trademark infringement relating to the Applicant’s Submission and claims for injury, loss or damage of any kind resulting from the Applicant’s participation in this competition or acceptance or use of any prize.

16. Limitation on Exploitation of Materials:
Each Applicant acknowledges that each of the Sponsor Parties may have engaged and continue to engage in the development, production, acquisition and dissemination of materials that may be similar or identical to the Applicant’s Project or Submission. The Sponsor Parties may use information about the Applicant’s Project or Submission in whole or in part, without any payment or other obligation whatsoever to the Applicant, if the Applicant’s Project or Submission (a) is not unique, novel, original, and concrete so as to be entitled to protection under applicable laws, (b) has been made public by anyone at the time of its submission to Sponsors or otherwise is in the public domain, (c) would be freely usable by a third person if it had not been accepted as a Submission, or (d) is similar or identical to, or contains significant elements encompassed in, an idea, concept or material that has been independently created by either Sponsor or any third party. Acceptance by Sponsors of a Submission is not an admission by Sponsors of the novelty or originality of the Submission.

17. General Terms:
All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Sponsors reserve the right at their sole discretion to disqualify any individual who violates these Terms and Conditions, tampers with the entry process and/or acts in any way that would, in any way, discredit or harm the reputation of Sponsors, and/or to cancel, modify or suspend this competition should entrant fraud or misconduct or other causes beyond the control of Sponsors corrupt the administration, integrity, security or proper operation of the competition. Without limitation of the foregoing, Sponsors reserve the right to terminate, modify or suspend this competition due to any of the following reasons: act of God; unavoidable accident; epidemic; fire; blackout; act of public enemy; war, riot or civil commotion; enactment, rule, order or act of government or governmental instrumentality or tribunal; strike, lockout or other labor dispute; inclement weather; failure of technical facilities; failure of essential production, or technical personnel to appear or be available; or other cause beyond its control. Sponsors are not responsible for lost, late, illegible, incomplete, damaged, mutilated, misdirected, mis-delivered, or delayed entries, or for technical or human errors or failures of any kind in connection with the submission, transmission, processing or judging of entries, including without limitation any malfunctions or failures of computer hardware, computer software, networks or telephone equipment or any technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any website or any combination thereof. Caution: Any attempt by an entrant to deliberately damage any Web site or undermine the legitimate operation of the competition is a violation of criminal and civil laws and should such an attempt be made, Sponsors reserve the right to seek damages from any such entrant to the fullest extent of the law. Sponsors are not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer, administration of the competition, or in the announcement of the prize.

These Terms and Conditions set forth the entire agreement and understanding between Sponsors and Applicant concerning the subject matter hereof and merges and supersedes all prior discussions, agreements and understandings of any kind between them. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, Sponsors reserve the right, in their sole discretion, at any future time to terminate, modify or suspend the competition for any reason, in Sponsor’s sole discretion. All notices shall be in writing and shall be delivered to Applicant in accordance with instructions contained herein. Applicant shall be deemed an independent contractor and nothing contained herein shall constitute this arrangement to be employment, a joint venture, or a partnership. Sponsor’s failure to enforce any Terms of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of any provision contained herein. The titles of Sections of these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and shall not be given any legal effect. The word “including” is used in these Terms and Conditions to mean “including but not limited to.”