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In the News

Health 2.0 News

A brief collection of recent stories on the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge and Community Health Data Initiative.

HHS Launches to Share Open Health Data
Alexander Howard, O’Reilly Media (Huffington Post)

Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Culmination
Frog Healthcare Group

‘Hackathon’ To Modify Federal Database for Lactation, Other Drugs

NLM to host “hackathon” for lactation database
Government Health IT

FAO provides free access to statistics treasure trove
Food and Agriculture Organization

The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge
Sunlight Labs

Now Playing: New Developer Challenges Using Health Data!
Open HHS Blog

Health Care Challenge combines patient empowerment and data crunching
O’Reilly Radar

New FDA Website To Post Risk Summaries of Approved Drugs

Harnessing the Power of Information to Improve Health
The White House Blog

Five Mobile Contests You Should Know
MobiHealth News

Making Community Health Data as Useful as Weather Data
O’Reilly Radar

Calling all Entrepreneurs – Your Country Needs You
Washington Technology Blog

HHS Starts Sharing Health Data
Federal Computer Week

The Community Health Data Initiative illustrates model for meeting information needs
New America Foundation

The online Community Health Data Initiative
The Huffington Post

Data-Driven: HHS Taps into Treasure Trove of Info
Modern Healthcare

Health Data from HHS Will be Open to Public
American Medical News

Using HHS Health Data: Got an App for Quality Care?

The Wealth in Health Data – DHHS’s Community Health Data Initiative

U.S. Announces Community Health Data Initiative

HHS chief plugs government health data
Government Executive