Move Your App! Developer Challenge

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  • MacBook Pro and Android Phone
First Place

(Moovy) Happy Feet

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Team Members

Anthony Lai

The social way to walk, jog, run, cycle, or even... ski. Features: Start tracking your activities, see statistics, and earn achievements; see your Facebook friends who are also using Happy Feet; share your tracks to your friends, so that they can follow the interesting trails of yours; create your own groups and start earning group achievements as well; message, invite and challenge your friends inside Happy Feet, and work towards a healthy future together.


Catch and HopeLab is running a developer challenge to inspire physical activity with Android apps. We are extending a prize that is exclusive to Health 2.0 Challenge entrees. Health 2.0 entrees will not qualify for the 100-Day-Prize offered to already participating developers.


Create an Android app that inspires and tracks physical movement.
What kind of app can you build to encourage people to get in motion? How can movement be just as easy and fun as checking-in or updating a status?

Review Panel

    • Snaptic and HopeLab

Evaluation Criteria

The Health 2.0 Challenge prize will be judged by Catch and HopeLab on the following criteria:

  • Does the app get people to move?
  • Is the app fun and easy to use?
  • Does the app do a good job of tracking movement results?
  • Does the app have a theme that has mass appeal?
  • Does the app offer creative use of incentives to spur movement?
  • Makes use of accelerometer and other sensors?

Participating Teams

Happy Feet

Terms & Conditions


This contest is an extension of the Move Your App! Developer challenge and Health 2.0 participants can only qualify for the Health 2.0 Challenge prize.


  1. Build an Android app (.apk) that inspires and tracks physical movement
  2. Use a Snaptic intent or something from the Snaptic API
  3. If you're under 18, we need you to get us a signed consent form.
  4. Submit your app by September 15th, 2010!