myHealthyPeople Challenge

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Challenge Team


  • First Place: $2500
  • Second Place: $1000
  • Third Place: $500

Other Prizes

  • All winners - first, second and third places - will be awarded travel and free admission to the Health 2.0 conference in San Diego,
    March 21-22, 2011
  • All winners will be invited to meet with HHS leadership to demonstrate their applications, discuss testing with the Healthy People
    stakeholder community and strategize regarding further development opportunities
  • Winning applications will be showcased at with credit given to development teams
First Place

Healthy Communities Institute

Healthy Communities Institute logo

Team Members

Marcos Athanasoulis, Deryk Van Brunt, Florence Reinisch

The winning application is a HealthyPeople2020 tracker that can be used at any level (county, sub-county) and provided through local delivery platform used by communities throughout the country. There are thousands of people around the country looking to attain 2020 objectives. The application has a dashboard with indicators along the left side, shows target goal, a graphical representation, trending and whether goals have been reached overall. So not only are goals summarized, but clicking indicators provides further wealth of information including breakout tables, subdivided by age, ethnicity, etc.

Second Place


Healthline logo

Team Members

AJ Chen

Healthline has large taxonomy and high performance engine and by combining these two, the open data available can be connected and integrated in the application. The application allows public health professionals to do basic searches to pull out indicators and objectives. This allows the professionals to customize the information that is of interest to them - they can save information to the dashboard to retrieve information that is directly relevant to their communities. The key solution includes collaboration tools and autotools that can help officials to share their experiences to improve the efficiency of their work.

Third Place


BioIQ logo

Team Members

Curtis Pond, Eric Davis, Stephanie Adams

IQ Solutions attempted to make an application that gave health professionals a way to see how their data performs and to track the data so see impact and make decisions over the course of time. The app uses a number of data sources, including the standard sets used as well as twitters. Data visualization pieces show users/professionals the HealthyPeople target, how their state compares and the baseline. Then, in order to take an action step - which the application emphasizes - there are key words for data matching to garner grants.


Healthy People 2020 is the national agenda for health promotion and disease prevention that outlines a set of health objectives for the US to achieve over a 10-year period. For more than 30 years, Healthy People has been committed to improving the quality of our Nation’s health by producing a framework for public health prevention priorities and actions. Thousands of stakeholders, including all 50 States, hundreds of community-based organizations and companies, all major public health organizations, and over 20 Federal agencies have collaborated over the past three years to make Healthy People 2020 the nationwide grass-roots effort it is today. It is available now at


Healthy People 2020 is the national agenda for health promotion and disease prevention that outlines a set of health objectives for the US to achieve over a 10-year period. We challenge you to develop an engaging and empowering customized Healthy People 2020 application for Healthy People stakeholders - professionals, advocates, funders and decision makers - who will be using Healthy People to improve the health of the Nation.

Healthy People 2020 is the Nation’s health promotion and disease prevention agenda for the decade, including goals, 40 plus topic areas, and 100s of data-driven objectives and targets.

Now that Healthy People 2020 is launched, each of its thousands of stakeholders is invested in achieving the goal of longer, healthier lives for all Americans. These stakeholders need customizable tools to help them reach this goal in their workplaces and communities.

We are challenging entrepreneurs, developers, health educators, public and clinical service providers, and other end-users to collaborate on the design and development of this application. The winning applications will be featured and the development team credited on

Features could include mash-ups, easy-to-use data visualizations, analytics, reporting, and other novel combinations of national, state and community level health data. The app will enable users to tailor their areas of interest so that the app will automatically download the most current version of their preselected areas. This app will enable myHealthyPeople to be accessible on desktops and/or mobile devices.

Data sets made available for this challenge:

  • Healthy People national level objective data can be found in Excel format here.
  • Other health data can be found at Community Health Data Initiative Interim Work Page. This site holds a rapidly growing set of data sets including the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI), County Health Rankings, and other health indicators.
  • To find supporters for this challenge go to

Review Panel

    • Annie Archbold, PhD, MS
    • CDC
    • Wil Yu
    • Office of the National Coordinator, HHS
    • Geri Tebo, RN, BSN, MA
    • HHS
    • Jonathan Cho
    • Communications Technology Branch, National Cancer Institute
    • Steven Downs
    • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    • Ted Eytan, MD, MS, MPH
    • The Permanente Federation, Kaiser Permanente

Participating Teams

MedVentive Inc.
Healthy Communities Institute
Nairao Inventions
IQ Solutions
Semantic Community
Glaucoma awareness and resources
Public Healthline
Ron McCune
New York
2020 in Focus
Plenitude Inc
Daily Inspiration Boost
Back to School Healthy Start
TVCOFA - Vision Consultants of America
HealthyU @ PhilaU
Auburn Gresham
Acsys Interactive
Rudy Meijer
Clinical Trial Select
Integrated Modular Systems Inc.