Palo Alto Medical Foundation linkAges Kickoff Event


April 14-15, 2012


  • Total Prizes $1,750 + Introduction To New PAMF Challenge


The Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s (PAMF) David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation is inviting the Silicon Valley community to combine its unique talents in developing new ways to help seniors age successfully.

“More than anywhere else in the country, Silicon Valley is perfectly positioned to apply innovative thinking to the universal challenges of aging,” according to Paul Tang, M.D., chief innovation and technology officer for PAMF. “We live in the heart of technological innovation and have a proud history of excellent health care and supportive community organizations. We can be a national model for how the community supports aging and living well.

“Successful aging is about much more than health care,” Dr. Tang said. “It requires a supportive ecosystem of social connections and resources to assist in a variety of daily-living activities. We call this community ecosystem linkAges – linking across generations. We believe it takes a village – a combination of caregivers and community social services working together with professional healthcare teams to create a partnership that supports a vibrant and fulfilling senior community.”

As part of this event we want developers to think about significant signals relevant to a senior's health that if detected and acted upon, could lead to significantly better health outcomes over the long term for that individual. The signals might be clinical (symptoms), social (neighbors notice they have started letting their house and garden go), or both (several missed medical appointments).

This event and the related "Successful Aging Challenge" will focus on asking developers to 1) select signals they believe might be important and relevant 2) prototype creative systems in which those signals could be detected, analyzed and visualized to appropriate parties 3) show what actions would be taken as a result and 4) describe how that would influence the health of a senior.


About the Community Education Event (open to the public and developers)
April 14, 8:30 am – 1 pm

The morning community education event will feature three nationally recognized dynamic speakers:

Todd Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer
Eric Dishman, Intel Fellow and Director of Health Innovation at Intel
Dr. Paul Tang, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Both Park and Dishman will discuss the social and health challenges of aging and the tremendous opportunities to apply technology in disruptive, innovative ways to help seniors live vibrant and fulfilling lives – aging successfully. Dr. Tang will describe PAMF’s linkAges successful aging initiative and PAMF’s role as a community health partner.

About the Developer Kick-off Event (open to developers only)
April 14, 1 pm – 6 pm, and April 15, 8 am – 5:30 pm

Following the morning keynotes, developer teams from around the country will engage in ideation sessions (the afternoon of April 14 and all day on April 15), focusing on innovative solutions to address the challenges heard in the public symposium. Top ideas will be awarded monetary prizes.

Please note that the Developer Kick-Off Event will be focused primarily on brainstorming, storyboarding, and the creation of basic product wireframes. Teams will not be asked or expected to produce any code during this two-day meeting.

The Developer Kick-off Event will also lead into a related 3-month developer challenge, where the top prize will include an opportunity to participate in an accelerator program with the PAMF Innovation Center. Participants in the developer kick-off event will benefit from additional education and feedback that may facilitate their successful participation in the developer challenge.


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