Real-Time Patient-Driven Data Challenge

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Challenge Team


  • First Place: $2,500 + ticket to Health 2.0 + ticket to "DC to VC" event + lunch with Practice Fusion leaders
First Place

Critical Systems

Team Members

Pete Gordon


Connect innovative Health 2.0 tools directly to a platform of 43,000 medical providers and 4 million patients. This is the chance for patient-focused medical devices, websites and mobile applications to plug-in directly to one of the largest health platforms in the US, promote participatory medicine, improve chronic disease management and enable hot healthcare apps in real clinical settings.


Practice Fusion is creating an open, bidirectional API for real-time health data interface between patients and providers. Through Practice Fusion’s API challenge, development teams can:

  • Help patients report health data directly to their doctors and their medical charts in real-time
  • Give medical providers access to real-time patient-driven health data within their EHR system
  • Build additional analysis, data visualization, alerts, patient education and health-improvement features utilizing the health data
  • Be a visionary in the frontier of patient-driven health data, by giving medical providers the tools they need to track their patients’ health when they’re not in the exam room.

Review Panel

    • Entries will be judged by Practice Fusion’s leadership team, including:
    • Robert Rowley, MD - Chief Medical Officer
    • Ryan Howard - CEO
    • Matthew Douglass - VP of Engineering
    • Glenn Laffel, MD, PhD - SVP of Clinical Affairs

Evaluation Criteria

Entries should be full working solutions that save health data to patient charts on Practice Fusion and retrieve the data for display to the patient.

  • Going beyond manual data entry - using creative interfaces with mobile apps, social media systems, medical devices and existing health data sources.
  • A seamless, easy experience for the patient.
  • Data that drives significant clinical value for medical providers.
  • A solution that can be used to deliver better care, improve health.
  • Applications that are accessible from anywhere by anyone (i.e. non-platform-specific applications that would work on any mobile device, generic HTML , etc.)
  • Utilizing bleeding/cutting-edge technology (i.e. HTML5, GPS-based/location-aware tagging, social media, etc.)

Submission Requirements

  • Practice Fusion is exposing a SOAP-based web-service API that allows development teams to post clinical information in real-time directly into the patient’s chart on our Electronic Health Record platform. Medical providers can access the data instantly through their EHR account. API specs and technical support will be provided to development teams by Practice Fusion after the initial pitch is received in July.
  • Patient-reported clinical data is determined by the development teams. For example: blood glucose, mood, calories, weight, sleep, etc.
  • Data input methods are also determined by the development teams. For example: from mobile applications, medical devices, website interfaces, social media applications, etc.
  • Developers can retrieve data from the web-service for verification. Data can also be retrieved at the patient and community levels to enable reporting, education and other add-on tools.
  • Tokening for patient identification will be light-enforced by the development teams using their own protocols.
  • Data is stored within patient charts next to physician-provided data in Practice Fusion’s enterprise database.

Participating Teams

Physicians Advantage Services
AdhereTx View
Communication Software, Inc.
Patient Mobile Engagement
Polaris-Danforth Corporation
Critical Systems
Salutory Solutions
Clinnovations-Videntity (D.C.)
White Coat
Stanford Stepper
Lake Piso
Triplet Stars
Steam Punks
Nimbus Health

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions will be provided to development teams before API access is granted in order to protect security and confidentiality.

Individuals and companies of all sizes are encouraged to submit to this challenge.