Who can be a sponsor?

Any organization interested in launching a challenge or live code-a-thon to foster new innovations in health technology through the entrepreneurial and developer community can be a sponsor. Some of our past sponsors have included pharmaceutical companies, government organizations, foundations, non-profits, payors, and provider groups.

Why should my organization run a challenge?

Challenges have proven to be an effective way to stimulate innovation in the field. Using the challenge mechanism is an efficient way for sponsors to source innovative solutions, accelerate progress through crowdsourcing, lead to multiple high quality yields, bring attention to important health care problems, and leverage the developer community behind APIs and data sources.

Who owns the IP for the applications submitted?

Generally, our intellectual property framework allows challenge participants to retain ownership of any intellectual property that is developed in a challenge and the right to commercialize the intellectual property without restriction. We do provide some limited rights to sponsors to use and display intellectual property that is developed in a challenge and we will work with each sponsor to define the framework that best suits their needs as well as those of the target participants.

Why should we work with Health 2.0?

Health 2.0 is a well-known leader in the health technology space and touches more than 100,000 people through our various conferences, challenges, world-wide chapters, media, and educational initiatives. Our developer challenge program is a turn-key solution to help sponsors run a challenge from end to end. Our services include project consulting, participation management, technology management, promotion, judging, live-events and demo days and facilitation of commercialization activities. Health 2.0 has carried out over 65 challenges since the program launched and given away more than $4.5M in prizes to winning solutions.


Is there a fee to issue a challenge?

Health 2.0 offers a range of bundled packages (standard, premium, and custom) that provide a sponsor with an easy-to-use turnkey solution for running a challenge or code-a-thon. The additional levels offer more competition rounds, special features such as public voting, matchpoint services, live judging, and demo days. There is no cost for teams to participate in any of the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge projects.

Who provides the prize money for the challenge?

Usually, the prize money is provided by the sponsoring organization. Sometimes, multiple organizations will co-sponsor a challenge to reduce costs.

Can you help me shape my challenge?

Yes, we will be happy to work with you on shaping your challenge project.  Consulting on the goals, structure, and management of the challenge is a key element of our bundled challenge service.  You can contact us at challenges@health2con.com to learn more.

What type of challenges do you run?

We’ve run a number of challenges ranging from web and mobile app development, data analytics, visualizations, and design. All of our past challenges can be viewed in the winners gallery.

We have an API or data set we would like to draw developers to, can you help?

Yes, absolutely! A number of our challenges are focused around sponsor APIs or data sources. We can help you shape a challenge around the API or data set and reach out to the appropriate communities to participate in the challenge.