Health 2.0 SF Code-A-Thon: Building Technology to Help Seniors Manage Health Care and Costs

Technology is advancing health care every day and now you can be a part of the movement. For this year’s Health 2.0 San Francisco Code-A-Thon we have APIs and data-sets from PokitDok, Humana and First Databank to work with.


Can you develop easy-to-use tools to help seniors better understand and engage with their health care and costs?

Create technology enabled solutions that;

Increase understanding of out of pocket costs for drugs and medical supplies
Increase understanding of insurance coverage
Encourage medication adherence
Compare available drug and treatment options
Support making healthier decisions in real time and track progress

*All entries must utilize two or more of the supplied APIs.

  • Total Prizes: $8,000
  • Dates: September 24 - 25, 2016