The EPA Apps for the Environment Challenge

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Challenge Team


  • Best Overall App (Winner and Runner Up)
  • Best Student App (Winner and Runner Up)
  • Popular Choice App

The Winners and Runner Ups of each category will all be invited to Washington, D.C. to a recognition event where they will demonstrate their apps to EPA officials and, possibly, to the EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson. In addition, EPA will feature the apps of the Winners and Runners Up on the EPA website for a full year.

Best Overall App (Winner)

Light Bulb Finder

Best Overall App (Runner-Up)


Best Student App (Winner)


Best Student App (Runner-Up)

Environmental Justice Participatory Mapping

Popular Choice App



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching Apps for the Environment -- a challenge to encourage development of innovative environmental applications. EPA wants to engage students, colleges and universities, and software developers across the U.S. to create useful solutions that can help inform communities about protecting people’s health and the environment.


The Apps for the Environment challenge invites creative developers to build applications to help people understand environmental conditions that could impact health, and help communities make informed decisions about environmental impacts. The EPA is not specifying exactly what kind of app they are looking for or what it needs to do - other than be creative, widely useful, and use EPA data fairly to address health or environmental problems.

For more information and helpful resources, please check out EPA's Apps for the Environment webpage.


  • Submissions are due by September 16, 2011

Review Panel

    • Angela Brown
    • U.S. EPA/Region 5
    • John Cunningham
    • U.S. EPA/OSWER
    • Lisa Garcia
    • U.S. EPA/OEJ
    • Cynthia Giles
    • U.S. EPA/OECA
    • Michael Gill
    • U.S. EPA/Region 9
    • Thomas Gross
    • U.S. EPA/OW
    • Duane James
    • U.S. EPA/Region 9
    • Ellen Manges
    • U.S. EPA/OSWER
    • Peter Preuss
    • U.S. EPA/ORD
    • Karen Reshkin
    • U.S. EPA/Region 5
    • Moshay Simpson
    • U.S. EPA/OECA
    • Matthew Small
    • U.S. EPA/Region 9

Evaluation Criteria

  • Usefulness
    • Each submission will be rated on the strength of its potential to help individuals and/or communities make informed decisions about the environment and/or human health.
  • Innovativeness
    • Each submission will be rated for the degree of new thinking it brings to applications for the environment or human health, and the creativity shown in designing for impact.
  • Usability
    • Each submission will be rated on its user-friendliness and interactive capabilities.
  • Preference will be given to applications that are easily accessible to a range of consumers, including those with disabilities.

Terms & Conditions

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