Health 2.0 Developers World Cup Finals

Submission Deadline

Submissions are Closed


Aug. 27th - Oct. 7th, 2012


1st Place

Team MedTuner- NYC

Team Members

Henry Wei, Nayan Jain

MedTuner uses natural language processing to monitor tweets for health-related information that people post about themselves. It analyzes those tweets and then smartly offers relevant advice and resources. It’s an opt-in service; users follow @MedTuner on Twitter, and it follows them back. This way, it can send information to followers via private message.

2nd Place

Team Stasis- New Delhi

Team Members

Jatin Sharma, Tushar Chugh, Rolly Seth, Vishwanath Edavayyanamath

Team New Delhi created an integrated wearable health device using off the shelf electronics. The team’s target audience is the elderly population. Users can stitch the sensor into a piece of clothing, and it will continuously collect GPS data, record body temperature, and it can tell if a patient has fallen down. The device can also alert users to take their medications at the appropriate times. The platform uses open APIs so that it can integrate with medical records and other devices.

3rd Place

Team Stockholm

Team Members

Ian Jorgensen, Pau Ramon, Christian Selmer, Hayman Buwan

This team built a spirometer that integrates with a smartphone to monitor respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD. Users blow into the device (it alerts them if they take the at-home test improperly), and the data flows to the app. The smartphone keeps a patient profile over time. The app can tell users about their risk factors based on information like geographical location. The team said the app can also lead to the development of public datasets that show where events like asthma hospitalizations are most prevalent.


The Health 2.0 Developers World Cup was an international innovation competition to improve the technology supporting our world’s healthcare systems. We invited the first place winning teams of our global code-a-thon series to use the growing number of open health datasets and APIs now being made available to prototype health related applications for the chance to win $10,000 in prize money and international visibility.

Winning teams flew into SF from from:
Shanghai. New Delhi. Fuksuhima. Stockholm. DC. Boston. New York City

These teams won a travel stipend and conference tickets to send 2 representatives to the 6th Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco, California. Teams had just over over a month to work together with their local teammates before their representatives demoed their final product to the judges in San Francisco. This final round was a live face-off among all World Cup finalists for the Developers World Cup Title.


Sastry Nanduri
Sastry Nanduri
Sastry Nanduri is the Co-founder and CTO of HealthTap, a silicon valley based start up that is revolutionizing healthcare by re-invigorating doctor-patient interactions, and by bringing trustworthy, current health information to people anytime, anywhere. Sastry has extensive experience in leading technology teams and bringing innovative products to market. Prior to HealthTap, Sastry served as the CTO at Wellsphere, an online consumer health 2.0 company that developed the world's largest community of independent health writers and became one of the largest health sites on the Internet.

Gretchen Wustracki
Gretchen Wustrack, IDEO
Gretchen Wustrack leads the Active Health domain at IDEO. She uses her deep experience in design for adherence, behavior change and engagement to inspire and empower people to own their health and wellness. She takes a holistic approach to design focusing on solutions where product, service, environment and communications meet to create meaningful user experiences and robust businesses.

Forest King
Forrest King, JUICE Pharma Worldwide
Forrest King is a founding partner and global chief innovation officer of JUICE Pharma Worldwide, , a New York City based healthcare marketing and advertising agency. Over the last 15 years, Forrest has led the integrated healthcare initiatives for the launches of several blockbuster pharmaceutical brands. Since founding JUICE Pharma Advertising in 2002, Forrest has been an industry thought leader and advocate for the evolving technological ecosystem surrounding patient care. JUICE Pharma Worldwide is steadily weaving technology and innovation to drive better patient outcomes for its clients.


Jan Gurley
Jan Gurley, MD
Dr. Gurley is a practicing internist physician, a tech developer, and a writer. Her health writing has appeared in Salon, The San Francisco Chronicle, and the Chronicle's Sunday magazine, along with regular pieces in BlogHer, KevinMD and as one of SFGate's City Brights. She is a recipient of the USC/Annenberg's California Endowment 2010 Health Journalism Fellowship Award, for which she wrote and award-winning series of articles.

Unity Stoakes
Unity Stoakes
Unity Stoakes is the co-founder and president of StartUp Health, the first Academy for Health and Wellness Entrepreneurship. Unity is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to transform healthcare by leveraging the power of innovation, technology, data, design, and collaboration. Connect @unitystoakes.


Michelle Snyder, MBA
Michelle Snyder joined InterWest Partners, as an Executive in Residence in 2011, focusing on the intersection of health care and tech. She is passionate about the transformative role mobile, social, and data can play in the health care industry. She also serves as a mentor and advisor to incubator programs and early stage companies in the healthcare IT space. Prior to joining InterWest Partners, Michelle was an early member of the senior exec team at Epocrates where she led user acquisition and monetization activities from launch to IPO.


This challenge is ONLY for World Cup finalist teams that have been invited to participate. Each team will have an equal amount of time to work on their application. Final submissions are due on October 7th, 2012 and need to include a working product and should be in English.

For the final round of the World Cup, Health 2.0 is challenging its international teams to build a tool that will help patients better interact with their caregivers, an existing patient community, and / or their own health data. Teams must use at least one publicly available health dataset in their project and are encouraged to make their tool user-friendly for both patients and busy caregivers.

Teams can develop tools for a wide range of patients or focus on a particular patient population. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Patients in rural areas
  • Patients managing a chronic or progressive illness
  • Expectant mothers
  • At risk or underserved patients
  • Patients managing rare diseases
  • Geriatric patients
  • Autistic patients
  • Alzheimer's patients
  • Patients in the wake of disaster - Disaster relief
  • Patients seeking care in a foreign language or patients who are illiterate
  • Patients with a cognitive or physical disability
  • Patients with behavioral health or substance abuse issues

Each team will have 5 minutes to present what they built over the month. Teams should assume that the judges have a good understanding of global public health issues and are familiar with health information technology. Because of this, the judges won’t require much background on a particular health concern and delegates should focus on presenting what they built.

Teams must build something new and different from their original qualifying project.


  • World Cup Final Round Launched Online : August 27th, 2012
  • Live Judging and Presentations for World Cup Finals in San Francisco : October 7th, 2012 - 2pm PDT

Submission Requirements

In order for an entry to be eligible to win this competition, your project must meet the following requirements:

  • The demo must be presented in English and under 5 minutes long
  • Product must be in English (this includes buttons and output)
  • The majority of the team must have participated in the original qualifying round
  • No teams bigger than 6 people
  • The live demo must be presented in front of the judges in San Francisco, in person, by team representatives



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