Meet Our Stellar Advisory Board





Fred Trotter

Fred Trotter
Founder, NotOnly Development

Fred Trotter is a recognized expert in Free and Open Source medical software and security systems. He co-authored the first Health IT O’Reilly book “Hacking Healthcare“. Fred is also the founder of Not Only Dev, which focuses on developing game-changing health care software. In recognition of his role within this community, Fred was the only Open Source representative invited by the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics to testify on the definition of ‘meaningful use’. He also represented the Open Source EHR community in negotiations with CCHIT, the leading EHR certification body. Fred has spoken on this topic in a variety of publications including WIRED, Government Health IT, Linux Journal, and NPR.


Geoffrey Clapp Geoffrey Clapp
Advisor, Rock Health & Technology Entrepreneur

Geoffrey spent more than twelve years disrupting the telemedicine market with Health Hero Network. During his tenure at Health Hero, Geoffrey served multiple roles, including COO and CTO. As CTO, Geoffrey designed and implemented award winning hardware and software products, including Business Week’s 2000 Product of The Year.  During his time as COO, he guided the company through the “bubble” bursting in Silicon Valley, and built the organization into the largest telehealth vendor in the world with cornerstone customers such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and McKesson. After selling Health Hero Network to Robert Bosch, Geoffrey now serves as advisor to Rock Health among others.


Michael Yuan Michael Yuan
CEO, Ringful

Michael is a recognized innovator in healthcare technology solutions, published author, and frequent Health 2.0-er. As CEO of Ringful, he developed an iPad-based decision support system to help nurses recognize critical symptom changes, and provide appropriate intervention.  Before starting Ringful, Michael worked as a product manager and open source developer at the JBoss division of Red Hat Inc.



Keith Casey Keith Casey
Senior Developer Evangelist, Twilio

Keith Casey serves as a Developer Evangelist for Twilio exploring the untapped potential of phone networks. Previously, he built large-scale PHP-based systems for organizations ranging from major news companies to small non-profits. Keith lives and breathes creative API hackery, and blogs occasionally at




Caleb Oller Caleb Oller
Co-founder + CEO, Thryve

Caleb is a no-nonsense developer and entrepreneur. In 2012 he founded health tech startups Thryve and Foster. Thryve is a food coach that listens to your body to figure out what you should eat more of and what you should avoid. Caleb first demoed it at Health 2.0 in May 2012.  His latest product was the winning solution from the 2012 Health 2.0 Berlin Code-a-thon: WellWithMe.



Edbury Enegren Edbury Enegren
Knight of Code, Health 2.0

Edbury is resident developer at Health 2.0. Once a moral philosopher, he’s been keeping the servers alive for five years now. When he’s not performing handsomely, he’s usually somewhere being handsome.