Apply to Speak

Thank you for your interest in presenting at one of our Health 2.0 events! If you are working on a particularly compelling and innovative Health 2.0 product or service, and want to tell us about it, please read ALL of the information below.

A large part of Health 2.0’s conference programming consists of panels where speakers demo their technology in 3.5 minute bursts with commentators reflecting on what was shown and how they believe it fits into health care. We are looking for innovative technologies that can demo LIVE in 3.5 minutes. That means no PowerPoint and no video on stage!

With the exception of clearly delineated “sponsored deep dives,” which are not on the main schedule, we are not a pay-for-play conference. It may be hubris, but we think that we know a fair bit about the space and hope that our choices provide some “value-add.” So please do not contact us asking to sponsor a panel, so you can speak on it. Sponsorship and speaking are on different sides of a church/state divide at Health 2.0.

When can I expect to hear from your team?
This varies based on event. Please see individual applications for specific timelines. We thank you in advance for your patience as we receive hundreds of applications each year and want to give each one the attention it deserves.

What’s your process?
Submissions are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis and are filled based on the story that we’re trying to tell with each session. Spots are filled several months before the event, so do not delay. If our team is interested in seeing a preview of your demo you will be emailed and we’ll arrange a 30 minute virtual demo via screen-share. After your preview our team will decide if your product fits our event criteria and narrative. Demos selected for the stage will be run through a strict (but fun!) virtual rehearsal process with our production team.

If you’re uncertain that you’ll be completely ready to speak at the time of the conference, please let us know of your interest now anyway – we like to know what’s going on in the community. Keep in mind, it’s not unusual for us to show products in early stages, too!