Pharma Roundtable

The pharma roundtable will convene once again with some of the top minds from pharmaceutical companies around the world to debate and discuss how digital health is changing the pharmaceutical landscape. From the earliest phases of research to clinical trials to the way consumers interact with their products in the real world, come hear lessons learned and valuable insight for moving forward.

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Monday, September 26, 2016


Welcome Remarks


Operationalized Innovation

In a field dominated by tightly-controlled regulations and long-term clinical trials, health technologies have been relatively slow to infiltrate the pharma market. However, over the last few years, pharma companies have begun to place unprecedented emphasis on innovation and have begun to form partnerships with the most innovative health tech companies, looking to improve everything from drug delivery to adherence. In this session, we will speak with pharma executives and see how they operationalized technology into their company.


Case Study

Moderated by Amanda Goltz - BTG

Present BTG’s experience in digital health thus far across several types of interventions and conditions, share lessons learned in provider and patient engagement, and describe what makes corporate/startup partnerships succeed. And how to prevent deadly rattlesnake attacks!


Case Study

BMS recently launched to publicly share the Universal Patient Language (UPL)—an open-source capability and set of principles and tools that help us communicate complex information to patients. The UPL was created in collaboration with patients, caregivers, and health care and communication experts and continues to be validated by patients and patient advocacy organizations. Through, the Universal Patient Language has become widely available to those who create patients communication. Elizabeth will show how this open-source resource guides users to create materials that are written, visualized, and formatted to optimize the patient understanding and experience.


Coffee Break

Grab a cup of coffee and network with the of the attendees!


Case Study: Re-Designing Pharma Innovation

Together, Mad*Pow and Lilly will discuss a new innovation approach that incorporates experience-based design in building, prototyping and piloting processes that provide people with the incentive, ambition and safety to explore, discover and fail fast.


From the Horse's Mouth: What Happens When Digital Meets Pharma

After hearing how pharma companies operationalize technology and innovation in our first panel discussion, we are going to explore what actually happens when health technology meets pharma. We will hear from some of the most innovative health technology and pharma companies to explore how tech has enabled improved performance and begun to reshape the pharma industry. Additionally, in light of our 10th annual Fall Conference, we will hear from some of the most successful partnerships that been showcased at our previous pharma roundtables to hear about their progress!


Closing Remarks