Employers 2.0 at the 9th Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference

This session is back for it’s fifth year and once again we’re taking a look at how technology is enabling employers to take a proactive role in the health of their employees. This event is always free to employers.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Ballroom D

Opening Remarks


While health care costs continue to stay top of mind for most employers, other issues are pulling their attention -- and budgets. This session will run through emerging employee benefit trends and the factors influencing employer decision-making. We’ll talk about the impact of serving a multi-generation workforce and why some experts believe financial wellness will eclipse health as the primary driver for employee benefits. Jennifer Benz, CEO of Benz Communications, will lead the discussion with recent survey data and will be joined by startup founders who can share how they are creating solutions that take advantage of the current trends.


Employer Focused Health 2.0 Demos

Moderated by Health 2.0 regular Lew Altman, this session will introduce live demos from some leading technology companies providing benefits, engagement and virtual care delivery.


Coffee and Networking Break


Challenges of Implementing New Programs

Moderated by Lisa Yee - Silicon Valley Employers Forum

Creating success in the employer space does not always come naturally to startups or health companies. Those who succeed tailor every aspect of their programs to employers, from product design to implementation to customer support. This session will cover the challenges--and opportunities--of implementing new programs for employers, from meeting the high expectations for account management to the challenges of communicating and engaging dispersed employee populations. You’ll hear directly from senior benefits leaders about their experience and their needs.