Pharma Roundtable 2015

The pharma roundtable will convene some of the top minds from pharmaceutical companies around the world to debate and discuss how digital health is changing the pharmaceutical landscape.

Note: This session is invite only, but please contact Kim Krueger for inquiries.


Welcoming Remarks

Start the day with a level set: where is the intersection of pharma and Health 2.0 in 2015?


Digital Innovation In Pharma

What does digital innovation in pharma look like, who is doing it, and what have the results been?


Social Listening and Pharmacovigilance at GlaxoSmithKline

Greg Powell will share a case study from his work at GSK focusing on the promise social listening offers pharmacovigilance. In his talk, Powell will discuss the ways social listening can augment pharmacovigilance strategy, the risks associated with this capability and how to mitigate them, as well as developing an overall governance framework to leverage social listening.



Case Study

Moderated by AJ Loiacono - Truveris


Coffee Break

Grab coffee and mingle with other attendees.


From the Horse's Mouth: What Happens When Digital Meets Pharma?

Collaboration is already challenging enough. In this panel, entrepreneurs who have been there share the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to partnering with pharma. Far from a sales pitch, this session will help pharma industry members understand what needs to happen to smooth the partnership process.



True two-way engagement with patients. Is it possible?

Bartley O’Connor will provide some examples of how PatientPharma is helping to transform the engagement process with patients, both in clinical trials and post-launch.


Data Partnerships in Pharma: Launching & Sustaining Successful Initiatives

Timothy Fitzgerald, the Director of the Merck Center for Observational and Real-World Evidence at Merck will discuss successful data (claims, EMR, social media, genomic, etc.) partnerships in pharma -- both what it takes to get things off the ground, and also how to sustain these initiatives.


Closing Remarks