Sleep Technology Summit & Expo

STS_Logo_Explorations_V6As consumers continue to take an active role in improving their own health, gaining valuable insights into our sleep has emerged as the next frontier. And with the explosion of wearable tech, smart sensors and big data collection, digital health solutions are poised to be a game changer in the global sleep-aid market estimated to hit $76.7 billion by 2019.

Join the inaugural Sleep Technology Summit & Expo, hosted by the National Sleep Foundation, for a series of impactful, riveting and informative sessions addressing everything from which technologies are breaking new “sleep” ground to exploring the evolving global investment landscape.



Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Room 203-204

Room 203-204

Keynote: Technology Gives Sleep an Extreme Makeover

Did you know that 63% of Americans claim to not get enough sleep during the week, while 95% say they use some kind of electronic device in the hour before bed? Or that sleep disorders are costing the economy over $100 billion dollars a year?

Society has implanted pervasive distraction techniques to help us avoid sleep. Why not turn it around with the help of sleep research experts and technology gurus to harness that power so we can get the sleep essential to our health and wellness.

Join us as we kick off the conference in a big way! We’ll discuss the current market landscape, business opportunities and investment potential of this booming industry.


Room 203-204

Presentation: Under The Covers: Study of the Consumer Sleep Tech Market

Companies like Fitbit and Withings have already begun to make a splash in the consumer sleep technology field. But outside of the major players, how aware and interested are consumers in this burgeoning technology segment? Join the National Sleep Foundation and the Consumer Electronics Association as they release the results of the first-ever Consumer Sleep Technology Study including analysis and key findings that will illuminate the opportunities and challenges for businesses entering this market including wearables, on-the-bed devices, smart home technology and more.


Room 203-204

Panel: The Business of Sleep: Successes, Funding, Opportunities

Nintendo made a big splash with consumers when they introduced Wii Fit. So did Nike when they released Nike Fuel. These technologies changed the way companies think about health—and more importantly, they presented major profit and growth opportunities for people and businesses unafraid to invest in a new market. Is sleep tech poised to be the next big business opportunity?

Fortune estimates the sleep industry at $20 billion, with companies like Nintendo even trying to get in on the action. What does it hold for you?


Room 203-204

Luncheon Keynote: Sleep: Where IoT, Wearables and Big Data Converge

Join Fullpower Technologies’ Philippe Kahn for a special talk on how the latest in IoT, wearables and big data are converging to give us unprecedented insights into everyone’s sleep habits. These insights are giving birth to a whole new world of tools powered by sensors and data science to help improve our health, just a little bit, every night.


Room 203-204

Fireside Chat: No More Counting Sheep: Data's Role in Improving Sleep

From counting sheep to sipping a glass of warm milk, people have been using tricks to get a good night’s sleep for centuries. But now technology and big data are converging to crack the code on what makes for a good night’s sleep.

Through a combination of neuroscience, sleep cycle research and millions of points of data, scientists and technology companies are discovering more about how we sleep, and how we can use that information to reduce healthcare costs, improve quality of life and create an industry ripe with investment opportunities.


Room 203-204

Panel: Horizontal Disruptors: Innnovations in Sleep Tech

Moderated by

Who knew so much movement could be made in the world of sleep? From gadgets and apps to diagnostics and devices, the evolution of sleep technology is being led by trailblazers who all share one common mission: providing a better night’s sleep for everyone. We’re chatting with four of the industry’s elite innovators and disruptors about what inspires them, their vision for the future and how their cutting-edge advancements are evolving the world of sleep technology.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Room 203-204

Fireside Chat: A Sleeping Giant: The Secret Of Peak Performance

Chief Sleep Officer, Sleep Consultant, Strength of Sleep Coach. Sound far-fetched? Well, it might be closer than we think. With sleep tracking technology becoming mainstream, we’re learning more about our sleep habits than ever before—and the results are alarming.

Sleep disorders cost the economy over $100 billion every year, in lost productivity, medical expenses and sick leave. Furthermore, poor sleep and fatigue can result in costly, or even dangerous, mistakes. This unique session brings together leading experts to discuss and share how technology is improving performance in the workplace, in the bedroom and on the field.


Room 203-204

Lunch & Demos: Showdown in the Bedroom

You’ve heard about all the latest innovations in health and sleep technology. Now see it for yourself! Join us as we showcase real-time demos from some of our most compelling sleep tech companies. You’ll see the power of these consumer sleep products firsthand, and get an inside look at an industry primed for big profit potential.

Pajamas optional.