Doctors 2.0

This popular pre-conference session is back again for the fourth year in a row. This year we’re featuring the best tools, apps, and programs for collaborating with fellow physicians, enhancing the patient-provider relationship, and engaging patients in their care.

All practicing physicians are welcome at this session free of charge, and may apply for a full conference pass as well. To both sign up for this session and apply for the conference pass, please click here.


Welcoming Remarks

Our moderator will kick off the event with some introductory comments and an overview of the day's themes.


Tools for Collaboration

Moderated by Stefano Bini, MD - UCSF

Some of the best resources in the medical community are the doctors themselves. Providers gather specific knowledge through experience, and what better way to pool and leverage that knowledge than through cloud-based, data-driven Health 2.0 technologies. In this hour, we’ll see tools that are making it easier for providers to tap into shared knowledge, consult with their peers, and deliver higher quality care.


The World of Eric Topol: High Tech for Everyday Providers

Moderated by Brady Davis - Oracle

Dr. Eric Topol famously appeared on The Colbert Report in 2013 and essentially gave Colbert a check-up with his high tech tool box of connected devices. More than ever, these types of technologies are available to help doctors deliver more efficient, more connected care both in person and remotely. In this session, we’ll demo our own high tech tool box!


Coffee Break


The (Don’t Cringe Just Yet!) Patient Engagement Panel

Engaging patients in their health is a never ending battle, but often trusted providers are those best-positioned to make an impact. In this session, we’ll see tools that connect providers to their patients in a variety of ways to encourage them to actively manage their health whether it be physical, financial, and emotional.


Closing Remarks