Patients 2.0

Redesigning Health care: Our Napkin Strategy

Patients 2.0 is back again for the fourth year in a row! The session is run by Patients and marshalled by Sarah Krug from the Society for Participatory Medicine.

This is a free session open to all patients and caregivers (which means everyone!)  

Redesigning Health care: Our Napkin Strategy is a dynamic session focused on redesigning health care with building block ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions geared towards transforming the current landscape into one that’s truly focused on the needs of the patient. Too often, we hear of challenges faced by patients and their caregivers as they interface with the health care system.

What if we could redesign health care FOR patients with perspectives FROM patients as well as others across the continuum of care?  If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change about health care?  

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Ballroom C

Opening Remarks: Redesigning Health Care


Ballroom C

The Evolution of Health care: Past and Present


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What Would I Change About Health Care?

Patients and caregivers discuss their experiences with the health care system and their vision for change.



Coffee Break

Grab a cup of coffee and network with your fellow attendees from Patients 2.0 and Doctors 2.0.


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What Would I Change About Health Care? [cont.]


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What Does the Future Behold?


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Next Steps: Continuing the Conversation

Introducing the Magic Wand Project