Pharma Roundtable

The Pharma Roundtable will take place on Monday, September 22nd and will gather executives from the most innovative pharmaceutical companies worldwide. This invite-only roundtable is designed to foster debate and spark the exchange of ideas between 30 – 40 of the best minds from leading pharma companies across the globe. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss how digital health is changing the pharmaceutical landscape from the earliest phases of research to clinical trials to the way consumers interact with their products in the real world. Additionally, a select group of forward looking digital health companies will present case studies of their experiences with pilots, research, and innovation in the world of pharma.

Speaker and moderator announcements coming soon! 

We’re looking for successful partnerships between pharma companies and start-ups. If you’re with a pharma company or have worked with a pharma company and are interested in presenting or attending, contact Kim at


Ballroom B

Breakfast and Networking

Join us for a healthy breakfast and networking with attendees and speakers.


Ballroom C

Welcoming Remarks

Health 2.0 is excited to host a unique half-day roundtable to bring together the top minds in pharma and digital health to discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding the collision of these two worlds.


Low Hanging Fruit: Pharma Goes Digital for Adherence

One of the more obvious focus areas for pharmaceutical companies getting into the digital world is medication adherence. In this session, we’ll hear a case study on medication adherence from pharma's perspective.



With A Little Help From Our Friends: Clinical Trial Recruitment and Management in a Digital World

Moderated by Sunil Maulik - SunilM1

Patient communities and the connections established between individuals and organizations by Health 2.0 tools and technologies are changing the way clinical trials are executed from start to finish. In this hour, we’ll hear case studies about the changing face of clinical trials, and how digital is driving trials forward.


Coffee Break

Mix and mingle with fellow attendees over a cup of coffee.



Brave New World: Consumers and their Data in the New Digital Landscape

Moderated by Craig DeLarge - Merck

In this session, we’ll hear about how Health 2.0 tools and services are creating new ways for pharma companies to gather data from, interact with, and understand how consumers are interacting with their products in the market.



Closing Remarks

Finish out the day and head on over to the mainstage for the kickoff the 8th Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference.