Health 2.0 WinterTech 2015: The New Consumer Health Landscape

We kicked off 2015 with the inaugural Health 2.0 WinterTech, where we explored emerging platforms, products, players, and partnerships in the rapidly evolving consumer health ecosystem. WinterTech welcomed over 350 investors, advocates, entrepreneurs, innovators, and health care experts together in San Francisco’s financial district during the nation’s leading investment mecca, JP Morgan Week. Join us again next year to continue exploring how emerging technologies and partnerships across sectors are ushering in a new, tech-fueled era in the global health and wellness economy.

Thursday, January 15, 2015



General Breakfast

Grab breakfast outside of the Julia Morgan Ballroom and get a head-start on networking and viewing exhibit tables.


Invite Only

Exclusive Investor Breakfast

Ahead of the main program we are bringing together the leaders in Silicon Valley investment and our innovative startup network for an exclusive breakfast meeting. WinterTech attendees can apply here for a spot at this event and join investors like Qualcomm Ventures, Morgan Stanley, Rock Health, NEA Ventures, Ziegler, Leerink Partners, California HealthCare Foundation, StartUp Health, FutureLab, Arsenal Venture Partners, Providence Ventures, and Boehringer Ingelheim to discuss business models, examine trends, explore portfolios, and enjoy an intimate meeting together before the start of WinterTech.

Learn more and apply here.


Julia Morgan Ballroom

Welcome to WinterTech

A kickoff to the day with Health 2.0 co-founders Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt.


Julia Morgan Ballroom

New Platforms and Interfaces for Personal Health

Moderated by Indu Subaiya - Health 2.0

Today there is an array of tools, devices, and platforms for tracking one's health and they're integrating with each other like never before. From your morning latte to your evening gym session, there's a way to seamlessly track and manage your health and wellness every step of the way.

More speakers to be announced soon!


Julia Morgan Ballroom


Industry Spotlight with AARP

Moderated by Jody Holtzman - AARP

With over 100 Million people and over $7.1 Trillion dollars in economic activity, the 50+ population is impossible to ignore. Yet, it’s not as easy as one might think to serve the needs and capture the wallets of this humungous market. This panel will explore the wins, challenges, and battle scars of three entrepreneurs that have cracked the code of the 50+ digital health and wellness market.



Coffee Break

Grab coffee in the foyer, visit exhibits tables, or network with fellow attendees.


Julia Morgan Ballroom


Consumer Data Powering Clinical Insight

Moderated by Josh Seidman - Avalere Health

New tools and platforms are analyzing patient data and driving clinical research in ways that are more innovative and faster than ever. Through new data collection methods, access, and analysis, today's patients, researchers, and health care providers can expect not only a personalized health care experience, but more meaningful and actionable insights.

Demo by




Grab one of our signature healthy lunches while you meet and mingle with attendees and browse exhibit tables.


Julia Morgan Ballroom

Revolutionizing Retail for Better Health Care Experiences

Moderated by Matthew Holt - Health 2.0

Walking into your neighborhood drug store is a vastly different experience in 2015 than it was just 5 years ago. From in-store clinics to online experiences, retail environments are bringing care to easily accessible locations while helping to manage patient volume at a savings.


Julia Morgan Ballroom

Turbo-Charging Heart Health: The Trillion Dollar Challenge

Marco Peluso, CEO of Qardio, will talk about how the richer, more
comprehensive data generated by the company's sensors and high
performance cloud analytics drive the shift towards true preventative
care, cost efficiency and enhanced diagnostic yields, revolutionizing
the most significant healthcare issue of our time.


Julia Morgan Ballroom

Health Literacy: The Next 100 Year Challenge

Today’s health risk assessments and patient activation measures are broken. To speak to the issue, Munjal Shah will highlight how Hi.Q’s novel measure of a person’s health literacy, referred to as their Health IQ, can help to solve for the discrepancies in today’s patient care. He will discuss how the score was developed, calibrated with 250,000 people and how it can be predictive of the number of hospitalizations a person experiences.



Coffee Break

Grab coffee in the foyer, visit exhibits tables, or network with fellow attendees.


Julia Morgan Ballroom

The Informed Health Consumer

Moderated by Robin Berzin - Parsley Health

Health care is more personalized than ever before, and with that comes more choices and decision making opportunities for the consumer. Luckily, there are plenty of Health 2.0 tools to embrace that educate consumers and make health care decisions easier and more digestible.


Julia Morgan Ballroom

End of Day Wrap-up


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