WinterTech Investor Breakfast

Ahead of the main program we are bringing together the leaders in Silicon Valley investment and our innovative startup network for an exclusive breakfast meeting. WinterTech attendees with a consumer facing solution or product can apply here for a spot at this event and join investors to discuss business models, examine trends, explore portfolios, and enjoy an intimate meeting together before the start of WinterTech. Previous investors include Novartis DRX Capital, Arsenal Venture Partners, Ziegler, Sandbox Industries, Ziegler, Healthbox, Link-age Ventures, and IFC.

This year’s line up!

Ziegler is a privately held specialty investment bank, capital markets and wealth management firm headquartered in Chicago. They are a leading investment banking firms specializing in sectors of healthcare and looking for the most innovative and best-of-breed companies from early stage through exit.

Merck Ventures operates as an investment arm of Merck & Co. Inc. They invest in companies in various stages of development from the first round to later stage. They strive to drive innovation and back entrepreneurs through equity investments and hands on support.

Maverick Capital is a global investment firm that invests through an evergreen structure that allows them to support entrepreneurs. They have already supported a top-notch set of entrepreneurs across the health care and technology sectors, and are looking for innovative companies in Series A, Series B, and Series C and up in development.

Chrysalis Ventures seek to partner with entrepreneurs to build enduring businesses in industries undergoing significant transformation, and are looking for companies in Series A, Series B, and Series C and up in development. They have invested in over 65 companies in the health care and technology sectors.

Canaan Partners has been working with entrepreneurs in the technology and health care fields to achieve one simple goal: Improve the way we live our lives. They will do whatever it takes to bring your vision to live – even if you’re just early investors.

VenAdvisory Services provides practical, Go-to-Market services that create competitive advantage, accelerate sales, drive top-line growth, reduce complexity and improve customer experience. They raised over $100M in capital for early stage companies, started 15 technology startups, launched over 11 health care and financial services solutions, and sold over $300M in enterprise software sales into health care.

Kaiser Permanente Ventures is dedicated on health care investing for over 15 years. They provide strategic guidance and support to help navigate through the complex health care ecosystem. So far, they have approximately $400M in committed capital.

Mount Sinai Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mount Sinai Health System. They have been strategically invested in a wide variety of enterprises including ambulatory surgery centers, urgent care centers, management service organizations, and health technology companies. They look to invest in new, existing, and start-up health care companies focusing on population health management.

More to come!