India 2013

An exclusive event for visionary leaders , physicians, patients, start-ups, health industy experts, investors,  health care corporations, government officials and anybody who dared to take up the challenge of shaping what’s possible for health care in the 21st century.

The theme of India 2013 was ‘Health 2.0 Everywhere!’ which speaks to the idea of technology emerging in the most unlikely, unexpected, unreached places of the health and wellness landscape.

We stepped away from the usual conference cliches and tapped into the entrepreneurial spirit in Bangalore to uncover how to push forward the best ideas for health care.  Leaders joined from:

IDEO, Novartis, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Govt of India, McCann Worldwide, Aravind Eye Institute, United Healthcare, Cloud Nine Hospital, mDhil, Biosense, MediAngels, GSF Accelerator, Unitas Seed Fund,  Medtronic, Bristol-Myers Squib, World Health Organization, Start-Up Village, Welvu, Zanec and more.

We took a curious and critical look at the ecosystem supporting the strong collaboration of ideas among entrepreneurs and  established stakeholders  in India and around the world.

Industry transforming conversation.

Innovative technology demos.

Inspiring keynotes.

Our mission is to capitalize on the Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare Technology and enable the Transformation the Healthcare in the 21st Century.


February 9, 2012 | Health 2.0 India @ CMR Institute – Whitefield, Bangalore

CMR Institute Auditorium


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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Opening | Health 2.0 Everywhere

A highly immersive journey that sets the context for this year’s theme: ‘Health 2.0 Everywhere’. We’ll discover key mantras for those who dare take up the challenge of shaping what’s possible for health care in the 21st century.


James Mathews
Health 2.0 India



Get an exclusive, insiders look at business opportunities in health and the next generation of health tech companies changing the face of healthcare delivery around the world and in India.

Technology is commonly deemed as the ‘solution’. It is not. Technology is a great medium to reach out and change behaviors. But its really the insight, both human and cultural, which the technological solution needs to be founded.


Amar Urhekar
McCann Worldwide


C-level Entrepreneurs Unplugged!

Creating great technology that transforms healthcare isn’t enough to make a business successful. We’ve talked an intriguing line-up of innovative entrepreneurs C-levels into giving us a glimpse of their products and share lessons of their own triumphs, challenges and failures while running a startup.




Content, Mobile and Real Life

Could the most powerful tool in healthcare be – the mobile phone? We’re still at the very early stages of realizing the full potential of mobile health solutions around the world. India is a hotbed of mHealth activity. This session will move past the mHealth hype and articulate paths forward for transforming health delivery and impacting policy in India and globally.





The Rise of Big Data & Quantified Self

Big Data is a hot topic in all industries. Data being produced by Electronic Health Records, mobile apps and wearable devices could have a profound impact on personalized medicine initiatives. This session will help us get up to speed on the latest thinking around managing this growing stream of data effectively.


Designing for Health Tech

Consumers demand low cost, effortless, personalized and connected health solutions. The team at IDEO will lead us through an engaging session on how incorporating Design Thinking principles can lead to solutions where impactful health results are realized.




Start-Ups, Funding & Accelerating Health 2.0

Problem solving technologies such as wearable devices, health monitoring and remote telemedicine consultations look futuristic, but most of these ideas have been successfully implemented in scattered places around the world. How can these great ideas converge with funding sources, established stakeholders, policy and other factors to accelerate Health 2.0? We'll dive deep with people who are funding entrepreneurs, can make connections and have a very keen eye on what it takes to accelerate Health 2.0.


Culture, Technology & Revolution | Unmentionables

What are the de facto healthcare needs that aren’t addressed because it’s culturally taboo? As technology increases access to information, there is a fast and progressive cultural revolution happening around personal and public health. Can Health 2.0 help push the boundaries of topics we need to address, but have trouble talking about?


Alex Heywood
Kid Powered Media (India)


Closing Thoughts


James Mathews
Health 2.0 India


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