Simply Lead // India 2014

India’s most anticipated showcase of health care innovation returned to Bangalore in 2014!

Enabling health for a billion people is no easy task.  This conference is for difference makers!

Following an extraordinary experience in 2013, the theme for Health 2.0 India 2014 was ‘Simply Lead’ which speaks to a belief that we must reboot and reframe leadership for health care in the 21st century.

For 2014, we created a relaxed, but thought-provoking space on the serene campus of CMR Institute of Technology to enable leaders to learn from each other, form collaboration networks and capitalize on the market dynamics fueling a Jugaad based health care landscape.

// Insightful keynotes.

// Innovative technology demos.

// Engaging conversations.

// Fascinating people.

// Moving stories.

An unusually refreshing conference that focuses on being real, raw and honest.

An exclusive event for visionary leaders, physicians, patients, start-ups, health industry experts, investors, health care corporations, government officials and anybody who dares to take on the challenge of shaping what’s possible.

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Friday, February 7, 2014


Day One Opening // Simply Lead

A highly visual journey which sets the context for this year's theme: 'Simply Lead'. We’ll highlight those who have achieved high impact and explore key mantras for those who dare to imagine and take on what’s possible for health care in the 21st century.


James Mathews
Health 2.0 India


From killer apps for those on the move to thoughtfully designed health services for those who are at-risk - get an exclusive look at the Annual Health 2.0 Report and what’s shaping market opportunities in digital health from CEO Indu Subaiya. Following her keynote Indu will sit down with Ravi Kumar for a Q&A about how emerging technologies have the potential to fundamentally change the way care is delivered.


Keynote // The Power of Personalized Health

Advancing health in a diverse population with multiple languages, cultures and religions requires enabling people to connect with what inspires them and framing content in a simple, meaningful way. Personalized health is a catalyst that can drive real change in reducing medical costs and improving the collective health of a nation. We'll discover how some innovators are using personalized health in the most unlikely, unexpected places of the world.


Big Data // Digital Health, Sensors & Remote Monitoring

Moderated by Harshit Jain - McCann Health India

Apps, devices, sensors, portals, advanced science and other emerging technologies are fueling a new relationship between patients, physicians and data. We'll discover if start-ups, corporates and public health officials are able to leverage this data to develop innovative channels of care and build sustainable business models that attract more investors to digital health.


Lunch // Eat + Watch a Short Film Inspired by Health 2.0


Primary Care // for a Billion People

Moderated by James Mathews - Health 2.0 India & Archana Sinha - Ashoka

'Cutting-edge' means nothing if we can't use it to design a health system to support a billion people. We're going to tap into some of the most creative minds trying to crack the code on delivering quality healthcare to those who need it.


Zeena Johar
Aniruddha Malpani
HELP – Health Education Library for People

Demos by


Keynote // You Have Sight, But You Might be Blind

Why would the leader of a world renowned hospital in India decide to start dismantling it's highly acclaimed operations and service delivery model? Well, he wants to design for the 'non-customer'. This mesmerizing talk with the humble, but bold leader of an institution serving millions will sharpen your own vision of what's possible.


Unmentionables Amplified /// Sport, Sex & Rock n Roll

Moderated by James Mathews - Health 2.0 India

600 million Indians under the age of 30 are curious about sex. The elite and poor both dream of winning Olympic Medals or becoming world sport champions. Dance, music and creative art are capturing the imagination and defining a path for a nation to go from Slumdog to Incredible India. We'll talk to innovators who see opportunity to advance health at the intersection of technology, creative arts and sport.


Dilshad Patel
MTS (Movement Therapy for Sports)
Shawn Samuel
Alex Heywood
Kid Powered Media (India)


Achievement Award // Health eVillages | Physicans Interactive

Moderated by Indu Subaiya - Health 2.0 & James Mathews - Health 2.0 India

It's a surprise! All we can tell you is that two entrepreneurs attending the conference are going to win a prize of INR 1 lakh each for what they've done in the world to advance health for all. Donato Trumato, Chairman & CEO of Physician's Interactive, will be announcing the first ever Health eVillages & Physicians Interactive Healthcare Achievement Award from the main stage.


Day One // Close

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Day Two // Opening


Funding Health 2.0 // Startups, Entrepreneurs & Vision

Moderated by Ravi Kumar - Zanec Corp

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in health start-ups. Do Indian entrepreneurs have the right kind of ideas and sustainable business models that will earn them a shot at getting funded? We'll discover innovative models of funding startu-ups. We'll also talk to those funding and supporting early stage companies and learn what they are looking for in the pitches they hear.


Unplugged // C-Level Executives

Successful C-Level executives from companies transforming the business of health care talk about the future of their businesses. They'll also share raw lessons learned along the journey of being a pioneer and challenging the incumbents.


Unmentionables Revolution // Rape, Rights and Righteousness

Moderated by Prerna Anand - Health 2.0

All the talk about emerging as a great nation is mute if we don't extend rights and justice for all. Rape has received big attention in the last year throughout the sub-continent. It's a kind of false righteousness if we stay silent about things that matter. How can health and technology intersect with providing women the basic rights, freedom and access to opportunities they deserve? We're going to explore the issues and meet some folks who's mission is to empower and enable women, all over the world.


Lunch // Eat Well + Songs Born from a Health 2.0 India Project


On Our Radar // The Top 10 Health 2.0 Innovators

We've driven thousands of kilometers, boarded dozens of flights and spent countless hours with people all over the world who are creating positive impact as they advance health. We'll introduce you to those who caught our eye and have our attention.


Dr. Ruchi Dass
HealthCursor Consulting India
James Mathews
Health 2.0 India


A New Age for Better Health Care Decisions

From mobile phones to telemedicine to self tracking to advice from a pharmcist in a medical shop - both the rich and poor are increasingly taking their health into their own hands. How can government policy, public health initiatives, funding sources, start-up accelerators, hospitals, pharma and payers connect the dots to integrate consumer data to allow for the best health care decisions possible? We've gathered a diverse group of influencers to ask the right questions and debate the possible answers.


Keynote // Dreams of a Nation


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