San Francisco Fall 2011

Health 2.0 hit the mainstream in Fall 2011. A 50% bump in attendance to 1,500, appearances by two major health plan CEOs, four pre-conferences (Patients 2.0, Employers 2.0, HealthLaw 2.0, & Patients 2.0), and more than 120 tech demos made the 5th Fall Health 2.0 conference the biggest and best so far.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Code-a-thon

Health 2.0′s live Code-a-thons occured over the course of two days, bringing together developers, designers and raw data sets to build exciting new applications and tools for improved health care.

Also featured: Health 2.0 101 Session – New to the Health 2.0 market, or in need of an overview before diving into the conference? This year, for the first time ever, the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Code-a-thon featured both a Health 2.0 101 curriculum AND tech talks from industry leaders!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Health Law 2.0

Moderated by Reece Hirsch - Morgan Lewis, Jesse Witten - Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, David Harlow - The Harlow Group LLC & Jonathan Dickstein

Health Law 2.0 addressed the pressing legal issues facing both large and small companies working in Health 2.0 as innovative health technologies have enabled greater consumer access and control. These issues include privacy of health data, provider ratings, performance incentives, online advertising and more. We heard from top notch legal minds on the impacts for both users and vendors of Health 2.0 technology and services.


Karie Rego
Sheppard Mullin
Melissa Markey
Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman
Dan Orenstein
Ryan Blaney
Proskauer Rose LLP
Nathaniel Lacktman
Foley & Lardner
Jill Gordon
Nixon Peabody
Gerry Hinkley
Eric Klein
Sheppard Mullin
Karl Olson
Ram Olson, Cereghino & Kopczynski
David Johnson
Crowell Moring
David Hoffmeister
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Mitchell Olejko

Employers 2.0

Moderated by Fran Melmed - HotSeat, Pat Salber - Health Tech Hatch & Liz Rowell - Benz Communications

We looked to how technology is changing the workplace and enabling employers to take a proactive role in the health of their employees.

Patients 2.0

This meeting continued the dialogue started at Health 2.0′s previous San Francisco and San Diego events. Over the last year Patients 2.0 brought together hundreds of patients and advocates who'd contributed stories about using, sharing, and co-creating health data. This session aimed to better define ways empowered patients can influence our current health system and shape future policy.

Doctors 2.0

Moderated by Will Sellman - Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Enoch Choi - MedHelp/PAMF & Aaron Blackledge - Care Practice

A special showcase featuring the latest and greatest in tools and services transforming physician practices. From the iPad to the cloud, we saw the newest technologies in EMRs, scheduling, patient-physician communications (and more), and discussed best practices in implementing these tools in the clinic.


Enoch Choi
Aaron Blackledge
Care Practice
Nancy Kimber
Long Beach Police Department
Lyle Berkowitz
Szollosi Healthcare Innovation Program
Ronald Dixon
Massachusetts General Hospital
James Aita
Bob Rogers
James Davis
Oz Huner


Beacon Community Program – Innovation Exchange

At this special session, several of the Beacon Communities – each funded with around $15M to develop new approaches to health care delivery and payment – met in an exchange format with innovative technology companies. The goal was to accelerate deployment of new technologies in these high profile environments.


Kaiser Permanente

Speaker & Sponsor Party

Monday, September 26, 2011


The Opening Curtain Raiser


Kaiser Permanente


Mark Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of the California Health Care Foundation is not only one of the wittiest people in health care, but he has always driven the industry towards making health care better and cheaper. We were thrilled to have him tell the Health 2.0 community what he thinks we should be doing to make that happen, and deliver one of the most popular keynotes in Health 2.0's history.


Mark Smith
California Health Care Foundation


Booz, Allen, Hamilton

User-Generated Health: From Intelligent Communities to Self-Tracking, and the Quest for Personalized Health Platforms

Communities are evolving from simple support mechanisms to becoming personalized platforms for disease management, behavior change and data analytics. We took a look at the themes of peer and professional support, self-tracking, information sharing and delivery, competition, real-time data streams, and carrot vs. stick – and saw the Health 2.0 tools and unplatforms that are driving consumer engagement and testing leading behavior change models to make the greatest real-world impact.


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Coffee Break


Deep Dive



Employers, Payers and the Great Health 2.0 Awakening

Employers and insurers have been the sleeping giants of health care. But now they are increasingly active in guiding people they cover in wellness programs and in collaborating on the infrastructure for new delivery models. How are they using Health 2.0 as part of their awakening?



Relay Health

Deep Dive

Learn More About the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

Moderated by Jean-Luc Neptune
Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation

A special audience with…


Richard Gilfillan
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Design for Health 2.0 Workshop

Moderated by Carol McCall - GNS Healthcare



Innovation Showcase: The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

See what the buzz has been about! With over 20 online challenges and six code-a-thon events across the country, 2011 has been the year where the challenge model has brought innovation to health care.


Wil Yu
City and County of San Francisco
Richard Gilfillan
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation
William Barkis
National Science Foundation
Abdul Shaikh
National Cancer Institute
Steve Menke
Colin Watts


Shape Up

Parallel Tracks: How Social Games Can Transform Behavior and Population Health

Moderated by Fran Melmed - HotSeat

Game On: Massively Multi-Player Approaches to Healthy Behavior Change Gamification of health care is all the rage. But rather than simply adding game mechanics to existing health programs, innovative entrepreneurs are pioneering behavior change games where the game itself is the intervention. We had an interactive discussion about why behavior change games work, how they can keep people on the right track beyond the first 100 days, and how they’re challenging conventional wisdom. We also explored the role these games may play in helping to solve our nation’s health crisis.

The Virtual Couch: Online Behavioral Health

Moderated by Amy Berlin


Laura Fay
Scientific Brain Training PRO
Mark Goldenson
Tania Malik
Corey Quinn

Birds of a Feather: A Look at Communities

Moderated by Amy Tenderich - DiabetesMine


The Doctor Will See You Now: Health 2.0 in the MD’s Office (Part 1)

Moderated by Enoch Choi - MedHelp/PAMF

Medication and Care Management


Gregg Zegras
Katrina Firlik
Jonathan Katz
Matt Parker
Brian Overstreet
Adverse Events
Mike Weber

United Healthcare, California Healthcare Foundation, AT&T, Department of Health & Human Services, Interwest Partners

Health 2.0 Matchpoint!

During this special track we had extremely limited number of healthcare organizations, technology vendors and investors meeting a number of pre-selected smaller companies for potential partnerships and pilots.


Invest Northern Ireland

Coffee Break

Aetna, Mindbloom

Deep Dive

Mindbloom has teamed with Aetna to help people grow the life they want. Mindbloom offers a fun, simple, and effective way for individuals to improve the quality of their life by enabling them to decide what’s important, discover what drives them, and take meaningful action. Users can focus on any areas of life—health, relationships, lifestyle, spirituality, finances, career—even creativity. Mindbloom Founder Chris Hewett demo'd the Mindbloom Life Game, and shared Aetna’s unique approach to interactive health initiatives from Aetna’s Head of Member and Consumer Engagement, Dan Brostek.



Parallel Tracks: Health 2.0 Revolutionizing Healthcare Access & Delivery

This session showed proven approaches to lowering costs, providing greater access, and improving outcomes--all otherwise known as consumer driven telemedicine.


Health 2.0 in the Hospital


Doctors Like Me: Provider Search for Consumers

Moderated by

Health 2.0 Tools Across Generations

Moderated by Mary Cain - HT3


Andy Cohen
David Kovach
Reflection Solutions
Bryce Porter
Care Innovations

The Doctor Will See You Now: Health 2.0 in the MD’s Office (Part 2)

United Healthcare, California Healthcare Foundation, AT&T, Department of Health & Human Services, Interwest Partners

Health 2.0 Matchpoint


Yet More & Different Unmentionables

Last year, in a first for Health 2.0 (or any health care technology conference) we plunged into issues that don’t get talked about enough in health care – sex, alcohol and your crappy boss. This year we took a deeper dive into a new set of unmentionables to see what Health 2.0 can do to change lives and behavior.


Wrap-up & Special Surprise



Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Lockheed Martin




Deep Dive Session


Day 2 Kickoff…With Indu & Matthew



In Conversation with 3 CEOs

We heard from 3 CEOs of companies transforming, and being transformed by, Health 2.0 in conversations about the future of their businesses.



Kareo Health

The Next Generation of Health 2.0 in the Doctors Office

SaaS and cloud-based medical record products and services are heading aggressively toward physician offices. In parallel, the race for 'meaningful use' dollars is on, and legacy enterprise vendors are competing with startups that are offering more modular, lightweight tools across a variety of unplatforms. So who’s going to win in the race to getting EMRs to the 70% of American practices that don’t have them? And what services are needed – is software even enough? We looked at the cutting edge in products for the clinic and heard from the upstarts and the incumbents—to see if we could tell the difference.


Epsilon Securities, LLC

Coffee Break

Care Innovations

Deep Dive Session

Intel-GE Care Innovations™ creates technology-based solutions that give people confidence to live independently, wherever they are. An unique joint venture between Intel Corporation and GE, the program is based on a long history of driving innovation, solving hard problems, and creating new markets. In the Deep Dive session, CEO Louis Burns and Director of Clinical Development Julie Cherry discussed Care Innovations’ vision for health care, and their role in the health transformation. This overview set the stage for attendees to interact with their product solutions.


Where Are They Now? A Look at the Rise and Fall of Health 2.0 Companies

Moderated by Marco Smit – President - Health 2.0 Advisors

We’ve seen a over 1,200 companies enter the Health 2.0 world since our first conference in 2007. Some have had significant market penetration, but the road to bringing innovation mainstream is paved with adventures, successes, and pitfalls. In addition to companies taking off, we’ve also seen some flops. There are important lessons to be learned from both Health 2.0 superstars and those in the graveyard, so we featured a session that addressed those topics called, “Where Are They Now?”

Physical Prototyping in Health 2.0: Maker 2.0

Moderated by Liz Rockett - KP Ventures


You Want Content with That? A Look at Health 2.0 Search and Content

Self Management Devices, Tools and Trackers


Steve Corwin
Capito Life Technologies (TextWeight)
Bret Shamosh
Makoto Ogawa
Tom Henke
QuickCheck health



Data Drives Decisions: The New World of Analytics, Data Mining, and How Big Data Will Transform Health Care

With federal dollars funding comparative-effectiveness research entities like health plans, providers, pharma, and consumer product companies are mining vast amounts of health data. We heard from the leaders in the new world of analytics and asked, "Can Big Data inform better decisions for better health care outcomes?"


Paul Wallace
Kaiser Permanente
Carol McCall
GNS Healthcare
J. Tod Fetherling
Stratasan (Health Data Source)
David Hadden
Josh Adler
Casey Ketterling
Palantir Technologies


Publicis Healthware International

Lunch and Launch!

Since it’s inception in 2008, Launch! has introduced over 45 new companies and products, including Unity Medical, Remedy Ventures, TheCarrot, and the WSJ’s 2010 top (and not just in health!) start-up company, Castlight Health. The line-up of 2011 Launch! companies were:

Basis — A pulse & health monitor on your wrist
Clarimed–Ratings and info on devices, diets, and much more
CareCoach–Recording, sharing & improving what happens in the doctor’s exam room
GLU–Revolutionary new social network and research tissue bank for people with type I Diabetes
GoodRx–Shows you the best price on drugs by retail location
HealthPer–Improving employees’ health engagement and productivity using incentives and techniques from gaming
Medify–New style of health search and information sorting engine for consumers
NumeraSocial–Completely Facebook-based social health management platform
1 + 1 Labs — Lab results explained visually according to Thomas Goetz’s feedback loop
WellnessFX–Complete health management system based on mass customization of personalized testing and treatment


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Data Utility Layer, Unplatforms … and Now Personal Sensors, Too!

Don’t blink but while you were working at your mHealth strategy, we were going beyond the smartphone. In our rush to get digital, we’ve ignored the analog world. But hardware that measures a variety of human activities is back and transforming consumer engagement. Increasingly, people’s data is automatically being added to the Data Utility Layer from a multitude of devices, including automatic updates from wearable sensors. Is this the year when Unplatforms go mainstream?


Mike Raymer
Microsoft Health Solutions Group
Jason Goldberg
Jason Jacobs
Yishai Knobel
Ted Ladd
Linda Fogg-Phillips
Family Health 360
Greater than One

Parallel Tracks: Level Up (for Your Health): Gaming and Health 2.0


Sean Baenen
Vinay Gidwaney
Julie Price
Mobile Adventure Walks
Tony Bacos
Hubbub Health
Bonnie Henry

Permission Brokers and the Data Utility Layer

Moderated by Sunil Maulik - SunilM1


Bob Blonchek
Razoron Health Innovations
Jakob Jonck
David Annan
Diversinet Corp.
Andrew Brandeis
iHealth Lab

Getting to Know YOU: Genomics, Proteomics and DIY DNA

Moderated by


Alice Rathjen
DNA Guide
Marisa Nelson
Leah Sparks
DNA Direct by Medco
Seth Cooper

Special Session: Investors Advise Health 2.0 Companies

We’ve had many companies either Launch! at Health 2.0 or just get going through the vehicle of the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge. But for these young companies the road to success is paved with peril. Once they’ve started with a great idea and breakthrough technology, what do they need to do to get to success? A panel of leading investors and advisors interviewed them and commented on their prospects in real time.


Nina Nashif
Sandbox Industries
Luisa Monge
Microsoft Health Solutions Group

Special Session: Town Hall Meeting…with the ONC Brain Trust

Speakers included:
Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator
Lygeia Ricciardi, Senior Policy Advisor for Consumer e-Health
Jodi Daniel, Director of the Office of Policy and Planning



Coffee Break

Janssen Health Innovation

Deep Dive

Consumer Empowerment in Healthcare: A Fireside Chat with Diego Miralles and Thomas Goetz

Diego Miralles, M.D., Head of Janssen Healthcare Innovation, formed a team within Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. The team's Deep Dive covered consumer empowerment in healthcare, and included special guest Thomas Goetz, the forward-thinking author of The Decision Tree: Taking Control of Your Health in the New Era of Personalized Medicine and Executive Editor at Wired Magazine. The conversation delved into how the confluence of technology and personal engagement in health decisions empowers consumers to live healthier lives, and was followed by an open discussion where audience members.

Patients 2.0

We introduced Patients 2.0 in June 2010. Since then, we’ve seen hundreds take up the manifesto for disruptive innovation of the health system – the bottom-line of which was to Recognize Our Impact (ROI) — as patients who have a stake in their own as well as fellow patients’ health and health care. We convened an “expert” patient-led panel to discuss the Patients 2.0 movement and provide their reactions to what they’ve seen at the conference.


Wrap Up


Cocktail Reception