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Health 2.0 EDU has collaborated with top universities, University of Michigan and Claremont Graduate University, as well as Health 2.0’s world wide network of health information technology experts, to curate an exciting day of focused workshops aimed at those who seek deeper immersion in the core topics affecting health care today. Get ready for the Seventh Annual Fall Conference with this series of learning objectives-driven classes for health care leaders. CME credit available. Space is limited to 95 students. Those currently enrolled at an educational institution can receive a discounted ticket price of $50.00 dollars. Contact Hannah,, to apply for the discount code.




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Room 203/204

The Health 2.0 Ecosystem Snapshot

Players and Perspectives, Incentives, Inefficiencies and Errors, What is driving the Change, Where the work force knowledge gaps lie and why education in this space is a pre-requisite for health care to evolve



Room 203/204

Designing Consumer-Health Technologies: The Devil is in the Details

Basing functionality of consumer-health technologies on theories from behavioral science can greatly enhance the effectiveness of these technologies. Yet, how exactly such features are designed can make or break a new application. Small design decisions, such as where to represent rewards for meeting physical activity goals, can greatly influence how a consumer-health application is perceived and used. In this hands-on course, we will explore the trade-offs of different design options for common features of consumer-health technologies (e.g., goal-setting), and methods for deciding among multiple design options.


Pedja Klasnja
School of Information at the University of Michigan


Room 203/204

Innovations in Linking Community and Spatial Data to Improve Health Promotion and Health Services

Health Geoinformatics is the use of locational and health technologies and analytics to improve innovations in between, people, location, time, and health and healthcare issues. This session will examine how these technologies can assist in: discovery and reduction of adverse health conditions, disease prevention and health promotion for community health, and healthcare service planning and delivery. The session will also touch on new healthcare policies that will place a premium on these innovations.


Tom Horan, PhD
Center for Information Systems and Technology at Claremont Graduate University



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Room 203/204

Big Data Analytics in a Post-Health Care Reform World

In this session Carol McCall will discuss the opportunities and challenges for payers using big data analytics in the context of the passing of the Affordable Care Act and HITECH Act. She will touch on several topics including insurance exchanges, pricing, member-targeting and value-based program designs.


Carol McCall
GNS Healthcare


Room 203/204


Room 203/204

Consumers and Health Care – 2014 and Beyond

Consumerism and health care is no longer an oxymoron, but a critical juncture in which only a handful of companies and organizations are successfully executing. In this session you will learn how technology has accelerated this era, which key trends are impacting Americans as they become (even against their will) engaged consumers, and what the landscape might look like for consumers in the next several years.


Ann Mond Johnson


Room 203/204

Round Table Discussion - The Future of Education in Health Care - How Providers Administrators and Innovators Can Bridge the Knowlege Gap and Work Together

Moderated by Matthew Holt - Health 2.0, Pedja Klasnja - School of Information at the University of Michigan, Tom Horan, PhD - Center for Information Systems and Technology at Claremont Graduate University , Deven McGraw - Director, Health Privacy Project - Center for Democracy & Technology & Ann Mond Johnson - ConnectedHealth


Santa Clara Convention Center


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