Conference & Pricing FAQ

Academic/Govt Rate/Promotional Codes
In this context, academic means university faculty, for instance paying out of a standard grant. If you’re an employee of a large hospital organization that happens to include an AMC, this doesn’t apply to you. (You can always email us to plead your case, but we’re likely to know how much your CEO makes!). We love a good discount as much as the next person, but promotional codes are only applicable to the Standard Rate, and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. If you use a promotional code on top of an already discounted registration (ie gov’t/academic, or student), then we’ll have to make you register all over again! Apply here.

I am a real life practicing clinician or health care professional, and no one will pay for me to come to the Health 2.0 Annual Fall conference/ Health 2.0 Europe. What are my options and do you have CME?
Before the main conference, we run a Providers pre-conference event. This is free to all clinicians, however, we do not offer CME credits. Additionally we offer full-time practicing clinicians (but not those representing a large health care organization, tech company, consulting company, etc.) free entry to the entire conference. Apply here.

I am a patient or caregiver, what are my options?
We offer full conference passes to patients and care-givers to our Annual Fall Conference in Santa Clara, CA and our Annual Conference in Europe. At the Fall Conference, patients run a session we call Patients 2.0, which is free to all patients and caregivers (and any humans who may ever become one). Additionally, we offer patients and caregivers (but not those representing a large health care organizations, tech company, consulting companies, etc.) free entry to the entire conference. Apply here.

I would like to attend a Health 2.0 event but work for a start up, unfunded OR newly launched company. What are my options?

We are happy to help out as many early-stage start-up companies as possible. We go through each application on a case by case basis but, we will get back to everyone, either way, at least 24 hours once the start-up application is submitted. There is no deadline for submission, however we have a limited amount of discounted passes and encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Apply here. If accepted, you can expect to receive up 60% of the full ticket price.

**Please be aware that information collected on our forms will be used by us and aspects of it may be shared with the public or our clients. Of course that’s almost certainly a good thing for you (think investors, partners, Matchpoint hosts, etc), but feel free to not tell us your deepest darkest secrets. Of course the more you can tell us the easier it’ll be for us to promote and talk about you.**

I’d love to come but I’m a student/ my dog ate my checkbook/ I’m looking for a job & have already maxed out my credit cards… can I volunteer and work at the conference?
We have had great success with students and others volunteering at the conferences in exchange for a free pass—we want to give an opportunity for everyone to be able to enter the community to see what Health 2.0 is about. Please apply here.

None of these quite apply to me but I work for a charity/community organization/group doing good works with no cash for this. Can you help?
Please email We’re very nice people and do what we can to help.

Can I swap a pass with a colleague?
Yes. Our passes are fully transferable. Although we’d prefer it if you both came! Please email

Press Passes
Press passes are available to all of our Health 2.0 Conferences. Most press passes are given out on an invitation only basis, but applications do open at least 4 months before the conference and are available here. If you have any Press Inquiries please email Press Passes are strictly monitored and passes are not transferable. 

I expect to come, but my schedule is fluid and may change at the last minute. What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel because your schedule changes, we’re reasonable people, so please get in touch with us at If you cancel up to 50 business days before the event, we’ll refund your money or give you full credit to the next Health 2.0 Conference. After 50 business days before the event, we will refund all but $350 of your fee, or you can keep a full credit for any of our Health 2.0 Conferences in the future. If you cancel within 10 business days, there will be no refunds, but we will give you a credit minus $200 to the next Health 2.0 Conference. Please note that this cancellation policy applies only to registrations and not to sponsorships. In general, please don’t cancel. Send a colleague instead! Full credit, up to the amount you paid, will be applied to the appropriate rate for the time at which you sign up.

I never received confirmation that I purchased a ticket. What should I do?
Sometimes our emails don’t make it through SPAM filters, so first search you SPAM folder for an email from Health 2.0. Then add to your contacts to avoid future issues.

Can my company/organization sponsor or exhibit?
Absolutely! There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities to promote your organization at a Health 2.0 Conference and we also always have a buzzing exhibit hall. So far many companies have found this a great and relatively cost-effective way to get involved and introduce themselves and their services to the community. If you’re interested please read over our options for each individual conference, fill out the application form, and we will then get back to you shortly to confirm sponsorship or exhibition details.

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact Patrick Ryan (

I’m demoing or speaking at the event; Do I get in for free and is it OK for me to bring a colleague or two?

Demoers: Due to the increasing number of demos we offer at Health 2.0 each year we’ve instituted a new policy: Individuals who have applied and are accepted to demo on stage can register with the discount rate reserved for demoers. This covers the minimum costs associated with an attendee walking through our doors (meals, coffee, etc.).  If you need an exception to this rule, please contact our production team.

Speakers: If you aren’t demoing a product, but are a panelist/speaker whom the Health 2.0 team pursued and invited, you will receive a complimentary pass to the event.

Unfortunately, if each speaker or demoer brought one friend, our economics would go south in a hurry, so we only allow one pass at the discounted price. Anyone else from your organization can of course sign up as a regular attendee. There are slightly different rules for sponsors. Email us if you have questions or want to discuss.

I/my friend/my CEO knows more about this than anyone on earth/has the coolest Health 2.0 tool in history to demo and just has to be on a panel! How do I get him on stage?
Our team spends a large chunk of time and effort figuring out great companies with amazing technology and great panelists, but there is no way we can accommodate everyone. If you’re interested, please fill out one of our speaking applications. We’ll keep these interesting people, ideas and companies in mind and consider them for our webinars, podcasts, interviews, and future participation in conferences.

One note, we are not a pay-for-play conference. It may be hubris but we think that we know a fair bit about the space and hope that our choices provide some “value-add”.

I have come up with the most brilliant ever conceived of idea for a new Health 2.0 startup. If funded my idea will revolutionize healthcare/eradicate the national deficit/cure [disease name here]. Do you know somebody who can help find me funding?
We have a variety of programs focused on putting health tech entrepreneurs and emerging startups across the table from organizations looking to pilot, partner, or invest in their ideas and technologies. Please email and we will give you more information.

I was contacted by one of your sponsors, how did they get my information?
To help make our conferences a success we have received support from some generous (and non-risk averse!) sponsors. Both the conference organizers and some key sponsors will occasionally be contacting attendees with information before and after the event. We think that you’ll find that information interesting, but you of course may opt out of those communications at any time simply by replying to us, or any organization that contacts you directly.