Health 2.0 Europe Code-a-thon


Health 2.0′s “Code-a-Thons” are live events that occur over the course of one day or two days, bringing together developers, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs to build exciting new applications and tools for improved health care. Code-a-Thons usually attract more than 100 technologists and an array of sponsors interested in engaging this amazing audience. These short and focused events result in the rapid development of interesting concepts and working prototype applications that can be further developed by the participating teams.


The Code-a-Thon is an organic experience, and teams are usually formed by interest at the beginning of the event. It is also possible to bring a pre-formed group. Whether you have an idea you’ve been itching to see created, or you just want to witness what happens when great minds get together, the Code-a-Thon is YOUR event. Once teams are formed, it’s all about coding, coding, coding… Throughout the day participants are able to attend short talks from sponsors and invited speakers about interesting issues related to health care and technology. Sponsors will often use this time to go into more depth about their data sets, APIs, and other technologies. At the end of the day, applications are presented and judged on creativity, impact and usefulness.


For participants, Code-a-Thons are a great way to meet like-minded innovators and sharpen or develop their skills.  For sponsors, Code-a-Thons present a great way to quickly develop new apps and discover new talent.  Many interesting development projects have been initiated at Health 2.0′s Code-a-Thon events around the world.

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