Matchpoint Europe

For large companies and investor organizations, Health 2.0 MatchPoint is a highly condensed version of targeted market analysis, company evaluation, and meetings with inspiring entrepreneurs. You tap into our existing knowledge and connections to quickly understand which companies present the most upside or natural fit for your goals and situation. But the open, participatory model of Matchpoint also enables innovators to alert you to projects and products that they are developing, but only like to share with decision-makers of potential key strategic partners at that time. This benefits both parties and that is just one reason why it draws in the best pool of companies to meet for each Health 2.0 MatchPoint host.

For innovators, Health 2.0 MatchPoint turns the typical conference focus on its head by placing health tech entrepreneurs up close and personal, across a table from organizations looking to pilot, partner, or invest in their technologies. If you didn’t know which company (or which business unit) was looking for new models to solve that hard problem you have developed a solution for, this is your opportunity to discover just that. And to skip the line and meet the right decision makers.

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