Spring Fling: Matchpoint Boston

Health 2.0 Matchpoint turns our typical conference on its head by placing health tech entrepreneurs up close and personal in 15 minute meetings, across a table from organizations looking to pilot, partner, or invest in their technologies.

These companies met at  Spring Fling Matchpoint Boston on May 14-15 at the Marriot Boston Copley Place.

For our current San Francisco Fall Matchpoint follow this link.

The California Healthcare Foundation

The CHCF Health Innovation Fund was launched in 2010 and will invest approx. $10MM in medical and health care devices, technologies and services over 3 years. We are looking to support entrepreneurs with business concepts that have the potential to significantly lower the total cost of delivering care or to substantially improve access to health care.

We are interested in prototype-ready products or services with demonstrated customer interest and a clear benefits for the people of California. Examples of the kind of companies that the Fund invests in includes Asthmapolis, Lifewave, and Sirum. In general, the focus is on companies that lower costs or improve access through service and technological innovations.

Looking For

Telehealth solutions

Remote monitoring

Care transitions

Mental health applications

Medication adherence

Virgin HealthMiles

Virgin HealthMiles, part of Sir Richard Branson’s famed Virgin Group, provides market-leading programs and technologies that engage an employer’s workforce in good health. We offer a range of solutions and program integration capabilities that help employers drive higher awareness and engagement, and better measurement and insight into the impact of all their employee health investments.

We’re always looking to build upon our current capabilities, enhance the solutions we offer our clients, and deliver on the core values Virgin’s known for: innovation, value and a great customer experience. We want to learn about companies and technologies that can help us continue to engage consumers in health-related behavior change and help employers create leading cultures and environments that boost business performance.

If you’ve got fresh, innovative capabilities around self-management tools and trackers, mobile apps, decision support, gaming, social networking, or data mining and reporting, we want to hear about them. We’re exploring opportunities to partner with companies that provide innovative technologies that can help drive our business strategy and solutions we offer to the next level.

Looking For

Self-management tools and trackers

Mobile and remote monitoring

Reporting/data mining

Decision support



Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) believes that health IT will fundamentally change how we engage with and provide superior medical value to patients and physicians. We are interested in companies pursuing innovation / opportunities related to the digital workflow of Health Care Providers, the role of Big Data/Real World Data in healthcare, and how social media will enable patients and HCP’s to find appropriate health information and connect with peer communities.

While BMS will continue to focus on development and commercialization of biopharmaceuticals, we are looking to expand our health IT capabilities through corporate level partnerships with leading or emerging companies in our areas of interest. Our goal is to develop broad collaborations, partnerships, or pilots with Health IT companies to shape and develop innovative solutions that improve patient care and outcomes.

Looking For

Care Transitions

Mobile communications and monitoring

Solutions for the Underserved

Decision support

Clinician Workflow

Medication Adherence

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is known for its leadership in the use of health information technology. We aim to empower our members by equipping them with their health information, as well as the tools they need to take action on that information to better their lives. Ideally, we would like to partner with companies that truly understand what it means and what it takes to put the patient at the center of all health care decisions and practices. We are interested in opportunities related to all aspects of mobile health and remote health management, including wearable sensors (e.g. Fitbit, Nike Fuel) and remote health condition monitoring.

Looking For

Mobile health, communications, decision support, and monitoring

Social, gamification and virtual reality


New channels (e.g. retail health store)

Patient safety and workflow management

Payments and transaction processing


Today, the consumer’s healthcare journey is fragmented. Data is scattered everywhere – in the claims of the insurance company that covers me, in the manila folder of the Doctor who treats me, in the app my mother uses to track her blood sugar levels, in the nutrition app that is flashing an unhappy face because I just caved and ate a donut. It is not, however, in the hands of the person who needs it most – ME. I want a view of my whole health. I want to be able to share this view with my doctor. I want the apps I use to recognize ME and tailor my experience. I do not, however, have the time to enter and maintain my health information in a special system just to enable this. I’m out there staying fit, not typing numbers into a web site. I just want to continue to use the apps I do today to manage my healthy life while my data automatically updates in one place…and I want to share this information with the apps of my choosing to personalize my experience. I want CarePass.

Aetna launched the CarePass platform in 2012 to make living a healthy life a bit simpler for all consumers, not just our members. CarePass Sync is a secure, cloud-based service that allows a consumer’s health identity to follow them from app to app, recording their healthy activities, personalizing their experience, and readying a whole-health view for when they need it. And the best part…the consumer/she doesn’t ever have to think about it. The run recorded in her CarePass Sync enabled training app will automatically be reflected as deducted calories in her CarePass Sync enabled calorie tracking app. And recorded in her personal health cloud. Perfect. She can even link with family members because her health wouldn’t be whole without all those she cares for…and who care for her.

Later in 2012, we will allow Aetna members to sync their member portal logins with a CarePass account. Their health data will automatically populate their CarePass and stay up-to-date alongside the fitness, nutrition, and wellness information flowing in from the CarePass Sync enabled apps that they use. And…we will feature CarePass connected apps in a showcase on the Aetna member portal for easy access and download.

Looking For

The top apps in the following categories in the both the Google Play and iTunes App Stores to integrate CarePass Sync:


You get a new distribution channel. Consumers get a way to connect their healthcare journey. Let’s make health care convenient.

Angie's List

Our mission at Angie’s List is to help consumers find the best service providers and promote happy transactions. We know consumers are smart and interested in evaluating and selecting their doctors, dentists, chiropractors, surgeons and other health professionals.

We are exploring opportunities to partner or pilot technologies with companies who can add value for Angie’s List consumer members, as well as service providers.

As the Angie’s List health and wellness vertical grows, we want to enhance the resources we offer members for evaluating, selecting, and communicating with providers and for managing their healthcare. We are a consumer resource, yet many HCPs manage their listing and appreciate new Angie’s List members as patients. Tools that can enhance the Angie’s List offering for providers are of interest.

Looking For

Patient provider communication and information transfer

Clinical Q&A

Provider outcomes data

Health e-commerce

Personal health management


Medical “peer” ratings/reviews


AT&T ForHealth℠ is a practice area that will accelerate delivery of innovative wireless, cloud-based and networking services and applications to help the healthcare industry improve patient care and reduce costs.

Looking For

Cloud-based, flexible, centralized scheduling apps for in-person visits, procedures, virtual (Telehealth) appointments

Innovative telehealth solutions, including remote patient monitoring for disease management, post acute readmission management (including wound management) and independent aging as well as patient-provider communication

Mobile solutions for personal health assessment, tracking and self-management

Mobile and Web services for Pharma

Innovative solutions for payments in healthcare (i.e. billing for out-of-office physician work, customized benefits spend, co-pays for visits and prescriptions)

Patient engagement/social community platforms

Educational software (SaaS) for HIT training (training providers to use HITs required for meaningful use)


Healthline Networks, the fastest-growing provider of intelligent health information services, has developed a semantic technology platform that provides stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem with the means to offer their constituents better access to clinically accurate health information, whether through search, the use of decision support applications, the facets and widgets that accompany health-related content, or ground-breaking new visual learning tools such as Bodies In Motion.

Healthline’s mission is to develop products and solutions to engage consumers at all points along the health care continuum. We are now looking to leverage our semantic health information platform to deliver applications, content, messaging and data services to help consumers make better decisions about their health, improve outcomes, and lower overall health care costs.

We are interested in opportunities related to personalized search and content presentation, transparency initiatives (cost, quality ratings, key performance indicators such as the frequency a doctor has performed a procedure), case management and other instances where the presentation of relevant, timely and clinically accurate information will drive a consumer to take an appropriate health action.

Looking For

Transparency solutions to manage large cost and quality data sets

Behavior change programs, including medication adherence programs (mobile and web-based)

Mobile solutions for personal health assessment, tracking and self-management

Patient engagement/social community platforms

Messaging and CRM solutions

Mining medical records and matching this information to medical literature for use by professionals and patients (mobile and web-based)

eClinical Works

eClinicalWorks is focused on enhancing the patient-provider experience with tools to help manage their personal health. We are looking for companies that can help build tools and services to achieve the same.

Looking For

Mobile apps
Social gaming platform
data visualization tools
self-management tools and remote monitoring
healthcare cost management tools


athenahealth (ATHN) believes that disruptive thinkers, entrepreneurs, and technologies are the catalyst for the transformational change that health care needs. We are focused on being the health care platform that will help companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs effect innovative change in an efficient manner. To that end, we are formally launching our “More Disruption Please” (MDP) program at H2.0 in Boston to serve as a means for continual communication and coordination with athenahealth and the broad ecosystem of “disruptors” in the health care and HIT space.

This will serve as the first of many MDP events and we encourage everyone to stop by our booth to sign up and become a member of our MDP program. We are looking to partner with innovative companies interested in being a part of our entrepreneurial, forward-looking ecosystem built on the only, truly cloud-based solution for practice management, electronic health records, and patient communications. We are building the world’s premier HIT platform and ecosystem that is focused on continuously being the best in the world at getting doctors paid for doing the right thing.

Looking For


Decision support

Patient-provider communication

Big Data

Clinician workflow


More information coming soon...

Looking For

Matchpoint partners!


SoloHealth is focused on Self-service healthcare -- Empowering consumers to take care of themselves. SoloHealth deploys interactive kiosks in retail (Walmart, Sam's Club, Safeway, etc.) which screen basic biometrics and provides actionable information including a list of local health care providers. For payers, providers and product manufacturers, SoloHealth provides an opportunity to engage with consumers, while improving access to healthcare.


AbilTo provides turnkey therapy programs to health plans and employers. These programs help individuals change unwanted behaviors to manage common mental health conditions, such as mild/moderate depression and anxiety. Our programs are delivered remotely via video or phone by collaborative teams consisting of a licensed therapist and a behavioral coach.


Reduce re-admissions with mHealthCoach post-hospitalization care-transition kit. Features include medication management, side effect and vitals monitoring, appointment scheduling, and condition-specific information and resources. This HIPPA/HITECH/NIST certified self-efficacy kit connects patients to their caregivers and communities using web portal accounts and mobile devices. mHealthCoach also provides post-market clinical trials and self efficacy medication-adherence kits.

Apsora Corporation

Apsora corporation delivers Internet solutions for the healthcare industry. We have delivered solultions for Electronic Medical Record, ePrescription, Practice management and medical billing. We have also introduced a consumer healthcare application for family members to engage with each other so that they can collectively monitor and manage health, nutrition and prescription adherence at home.


Health-e-Babies provides an innovative personal health record (PHR) service for parents of newborns. We use Microsoft HealthVault and HIEs as data pipelines to (1) automatically collect a baby's healthcare data from participating healthcare providers; (2) provide parents with simple tools to track their baby's development and to share information with authorized caregivers and healthcare professionals; and (3) provide parents with healthcare information from third party resources tailored to their child's needs.

Health-e-Babies mission is to provide every child with a complete, accurate and secure PHR starting at birth - the perfect time to begin and maintain an accurate health record for life.


Kardio is a wellness rewards program that provides Members with state-of-the-art online dieting, biometric fitness tracking and health education tools tied to a BodyMedia for Exerspy Armband and powered by Kardio's innovative $1 Million Sweepstakes and Guaranteed Cash Giveaway wellness incentive program.

Polyglot Systems, Inc.

Polyglot develops and licenses software that helps overcome communication barriers in healthcare. For example, our Meducation product generates multi-lingual, simplified medication instructions that are appropriate for low health literate and limited English proficient patients. Our MeducationDC product does the same for discharge instructions. By helping patients understand their treatment regimens, our software helps patients adhere to those regimens, thereby improving health outcomes and reducing costs.

Axial Exchange

Axial Exchange is dedicated to helping the country move towards patient centric, performance based health care. Today, we address the critical problem of unplanned hospital re-admissions that costs our country over $25B yearly through our award-winning Axial Care Transition Suite. By creating a circle of care for each patient which includes both their health care professionals and their family members, we keep everyone up to date with the most pertinent, timely information as they move from the hospital system back to normal life. We help engage the patient and their caregivers to have a better understanding of their condition and their care plan before they leave the hospital which, based on clinical studies, has been shown to reduce readmission rates and costs up to 30%.


PresetnCare is a human service organization specializing in the combination of technology and human service to improve medication adherence. The company has a unique medication adherence device that provides medication visualization in combination with in-home monitoring devices to combined medication data with clinical parameters. Call center reconcilation, reminders, assessment and follow up support the process.

Cobalt Therapeutics

Cobalt provides a proven and easy way for payers and providers to cut costs, improve outcomes and easily integrate proven behavioral healthcare into any setting including ACOs, primary care and behavioral programs. Our programs cover illnesses affecting 25% of all primary care patients and are used throughout the British NHS, Netherlands, Canada and a variety of US centers and settings.


ShapeUp is a next generation wellness company focused on using social engagement and game mechanics to improve health. Our SaaS based social platform is combined with team competitions to engage employees in healthy behaviors. We use this same model to increase the relevancy of connected devices, team-based health coaching, health assessments and financial incentives. By creating peer encouragement and accountability we are helping more than 2 million people improve their health behaviors.

Capito Life Technologies

Capito Life Technologies, Inc is an independent, global developer and provider of cloud based technologies to engage healthcare consumers and patients using SMS texting and interactive voice response (IVR) - integrated with the web in a secure HIPAA compliant environment. Capito Life Technologies has created consumer directed programs like textWeight™ which has now been successfully running for over 14 months as well as healthcare provider and health coach offered programs for both clinical and research uses. Capito LIfe Technologies serves clinics, academic researchers and healthcare focused companies. The core platform is readily adaptable for the range of wellness programs, health conditions and diseases that can benefit from a “smart bi-directional” texting/IVR solution.

Moofwd, Inc.

Moofwd offers healthcare providers a simple way to extract new value and utility from existing IT systems through the creation of cross-platform mobile and Web-based apps. By mashing-up internal systems with cloud based services, the Moofwd Convergence Platform powers a clinical information architecture that captures, normalizes and shares clinical data from multiple sources – the hospital department, the physician office, the lab, the pharmacy – and distributes that data, in real time, to each member of a patient’s care team. Applications developed on the platform run natively on all leading smartphone and tablet devices, resolving device and information system fragmentation.


Wellframe is a health data science startup. We enable consumer health, disease prevention and disease management companies to better leverage data to drive engagement and business intelligence. Wellframe offers a private cloud solution that analyzes engagement, behavior and health data to enable personalized features and interventions while providing strategic business insights. We also augment the ability to objectively track behavior by integrating consumer health technologies into enterprise solutions. Our Harvard and MIT-trained team’s combined expertise in big data analytics, artificial intelligence, consumer health technology, clinical medicine, epidemiology and user engagement enables consumer health companies, wellness and disease management vendors, health plans and providers to take a data-driven approach to optimizing member health engagement and driving business results.


DiabetesPro is a mobile-friendly information service for diabetics and those at risk of the disease available now at http://diabetes.pro. The service mixes proven behavior change strategies with the latest gaming techniques to help people understand diabetes and change their related behaviors. DiabetesPro sends Facts and Tips by email or SMS/text. Points are awarded for different kinds of engagement and displayed on a dashboard. A content library with 50+ topics encourages people to improve their diabetes knowledge and self-management skills by following evidence-based care guidelines.

Patient Intel

Patient Intel develops patient triage technology for home health care agencies and hospital systems to deliver diagnosis-based surveys over phone, text, email and mobile app software, thereby reducing readmissions and enhancing patient engagement.


VisibleGains has developed a capability to capture specific instructions as the clinician communicates them to the patient using a mobile based application. Personalized audio or video instructions are easily recorded and shared—along with any supporting information—on a personal care web page, that is automatically created, which the patient and caregivers can review as needed from home. The patient leaves reassured they can review and share this information from their PC, smart phone or tablet computer. The patient can also contribute content and comment on particular instructions and reporting is available regarding how often the patient is viewing the content. .


MedHelp is the leading online health community and mobile platform company. We have 12 million monthly unique visitors who come to our site to get advice from doctors and fellow patients, track their health conditions, and discover content most relevant to their condition. We are working with several leading hospitals, insurance plans, pharmaceutical companies, and retail pharmacies to innovate and leverage community and mobile technology to foster patient engagement, drive patient-centered care, and improve medical outcomes.


HealthSouk helps dentists publish their available appointment slots and allow them to providereal-time discounts for these open appointments that would otherwise go unfilled. HealthSouk helps patients find healthcare providers in their area and let them shop by price and quality. HealthSouk also allows patients to ask questions to our provider network who are incentivized to help as the more questions they answer, the higher they appear in the rankings HealthSouk helps employers by allowing them to provide our system to their employees. They can cover certain procedures, i.e. xray and cleaning, for their employees.


Medigram is a HIPAA-secure group communication platform for iPhone/Android mobile devices and any computer. Our application allows hospital teams to communicate "mission critical" information in real-time, allowing them to stay informed about relevant patient updates. Our app serves as an alternative to pagers, which only provide one-way, passive communication.


AskMDx provide trusted answers by medical doctors to users' medical questions. AskMDx help users to find medical doctors relevant to their medical questions in their local area who can treat their medical conditions. AskMDx help patients seek second opinions, understand lab results and treatment options. AskMDx connects doctors with their patients enabling doctors to answer their patients medical questions in between appointments. AskMDx help doctors to consult with other experts around the globe.

Cogito Corporation

Cogito delivers call center-based and Smartphone-enabled, real-time psychological sensing systems to improve patient engagement and detect individual risk of behavioral health problems in defined populations. Our ‘Honest Signals’ technology continuously and automatically analyzes natural speech and social behavior to infer brain activity that allows us to understand behavioral tendencies such as distress, engagement and intent. By understanding these behavioral tendencies, we can predict who is engaged, who is experiencing psychological distress, who is good at influencing others, and who is going to follow through, among other things. Our enterprise systems use advanced computational analysis to provide real time alerts and warnings to care teams and population health managers which can be immediately actioned to deliver personalized interventions which improve customer and patient engagement, health care outcomes, quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.


We make web/ mobile applications for Physical Therapy (Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain...etc), Post-Rehab and Fitness for the professional, consumer and insurance co's. FOR INSURANCE COMPANIES, we make apps that connect insurers to patients via mobile devices for cost cutting, preventive care solutions. FOR PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, we've created a platform that improves daily workflow and efficiency by allowing exercise delivery, tracking and monitoring of patients. FOR CONSUMERS, we make mobile applications that act as pocket physical therapists. These apps take the consumer suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain etc through a series of questions about their pain and via our custom built decision tree, provides exercises based on those answers or previously derived diagnosis by their healthcare provider.

DocPons Inc.

DocPons is a 21st century healthcare company with an online platform for purchasing discounted outpatient healthcare services. No insurance is required to purchase or to redeem a DocPons coupon thereby removing the most significant barrier to having equal access to care. DocPons opens the US healthcare system to the uninsured and underinsured by emailing discount coupons directly to a subscribers inbox, providing free website registration, and free downloads of the official mobile app. For the first time in history, every American can have access to the healthcare services they need and deserve by simply registering with DocPons with a valid email address.

BodiMojo, Inc.

BodiMojo, Inc. develops technology health tools for adolescents. We use proprietary algorithms, assessments and games to personalize health strategies and leverage existing teen social behavior of sharing, comparing and caring to drive health behavior change, positive body image, self-care, and compassion. The evidence-based platform allows for interoperability with other technology-based vendors, health services, and mobile device manufacturers to drive behavior change in a safe wellness environment.

Ubiqi Health, Inc.

Ubiqi Health leverages accessible mobile applications and powerful data analytics to help people take control of their health. Our system aggregates data across different applications and services, visualizes correlations, and generates personalized recommendations within the context of a specific chronic condition. Through this, we help people: - Understand their condition by tracking symptoms and interventions - Identify correlations between symptoms, interventions, and other health data - Choose simple, measurable tasks that help them manage their condition Our first application helps migraine sufferers to track their migraines and find patterns between their episodes, treatments, and triggers.


Fooducate empowers people to make healthier food choices. Use our mobile app to scan a product barcode, see its nutrition grade and explanations, and choose a healthier alternatives.

Datuit, LLC

Datuit has developed SafeIX, a vendor-neutral platform that allows each of the patient’s healthcare providers – including the patient themselves – to store all of the patient’s health information in one place. This allows all healthcare apps, from large Electronic Health Record apps to small mobile device apps to see the same view of the patient – the Integrated Patient Record created by SafeIX from the separate information submitted by each provider (and by the patient). This common shared view of the patient allows real-time collaboration apps that are not feasible with today’s siloed database technology – a key problem in the Medical Home and ACO technology markets. SafeIX achieves this magic with a patent-pending blend of two recently-maturing technologies – HL7 CDA structured documents and NoSQL Big Data storage and analytical tools.


100Plus is building a unique consumer experience based on health and healthy behaviors. We use large reference data sets to compare users to norms and to build personalized predictive models of their future health. We then analyze user data from various sources to power intelligently designed user experiences that deliver personalized, actionable information to consumers regarding their behaviors. At 100Plus we believe in the power of data and design to change people’s lives.


eTherapi is an online behavioral health provider that connects individuals seeking to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing to licensed therapists who provide live, face-to-face counseling using state-of-the-art, cloud based, HIPAA compliant video conferencing technology. eTherapi is the only online behavioral health provider founded and managed by a team of medical doctors and psychiatrists, several of whom are affiliated with Stanford University.

Kinergy Health

We currently provide 3 products/services. 1) Our consumer SAAS product, MyKinergy.com, is a patient focused care management system that puts the patient and their caregivers at the center of a secure private network with all of their healthcare providers to communicate and collaborate on providing the highest quality care to the patient. 2) Our Professional edition (subscription based) allows healthcare agencies (doctors offices, nursing homes, home healthcare agencies) to efficiently manage the care of their patients and the communications with their patients, caregivers and other providers involved with the patient's care. 3) Our Kinergy navigators are experts who understand the complexity of the healthcare system and act as a virtual assistant to help the patients and their caregivers navigate the ever more complex healthcare system and optimize their use of the MyKinergy platfom.


Careticker is a mobile platform that acts as a co-pilot for patients before and after major medical procedures, while allowing doctors and other providers to monitor their progress. When it comes to health, the little things—completing every step pre-surgery preparation, taking medications on time, going to every physical therapy appointment—can make a really big difference. Careticker provides a sense of guidance to patients as they embark on their health journeys, and an inside perspective for doctors once a patient returns home. Careticker is your mobile co-pilot during all care transitions from an acute or post-acute setting,

Myne Health

Myne Health’s MIT and Harvard founders have developed a software platform that analyzes large amounts of data on a healthcare system’s population of patients, identifying past patients who are similar to a current patient along hundreds of medical variables. Our software then uses that analysis, integrated with general medical guidelines, to provide predictive analysis for a current patient, including: -Identification of risks and co-morbidities -Effectiveness of different treatment options based on the risk of side effects from each treatment and the expected benefits of the treatment -Cost forecasts for each treatment A Payer/provider can then leverage this information to select and tailor a treatment with the greatest chance of success for that particular patient, reducing the likelihood of unsuccessful treatments and associated costs, and fostering proactive management of patient care. This translates into elimination of waste and large-scale savings for healthcare systems."


IActive is a company that develops Clinical Decision Support Systems based on its own award-winning Artificial Intelligence technology, recently highlighted by Gartner as a Cool Vendor. IActive is a high-tech company that has been successfully working for several years for several hospitals in Europe (most of them oncology hospitals). Some months ago, IActive incorporated a new subsidiary in the US that will be focused on the healthcare US market, its name is Cognocare (www.cognocare.com). Nowadays, Cognocare (by IActive) has its first project in the US with one of the most relevant oncology hospital in the country.

PillJogger, Inc

PillJogger is a free mobile adherence platform focusing on chronic medications. Being server backed, we populate the EHR with actionable data to improve the health of patients with diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, dyslipidemia and hypertension. We reward compliance with a number of unique initiatives including rewards as well as hyper-targeted mCoupons appropriate to users' interests and past shopping preferences. Our MedWheel delivery device (under development) conveniently delivers unit dosages of medication from one's mobile phone to further bolster compliance. Our PillJogger Transitional Care solution (under development) will reduce hospital readmissions, up to two-thirds of which are medication related. Our solution enhances the pharmacist's role in the care chain and promotes MTM reimbursement as well as revenue sharing from the ACO model.


DocInsight is a health information technology services company developing first of a kind patient communication and quality assessment solutions that improve quality of life and wellbeing, promote informed independence and relieve suffering of chronically ill patients. Our flagship service, PEARS, is an automated Patient Experience Assessment Reporting Solution that facilitates data collection and provider performance benchmark reporting. Our latest innovation, MyHomeCare Plan (MyHCP) Program, is a concept we've been refining over the past year, to help overcome the barrier impacts of health literacy, improve adherence and reduce hospital readmissions, risk and costs.


Newtopia is a personalized health platform addressing the weight loss, wellness, anti-aging and disease prevention industries. Using best practices from world leading institutions and medical guidelines Newtopia is pioneering affordable personalized health coaching solutions. Leveraging a breakthrough genetic test and online assessment tool, we offer a mobile health coaching platform delivering health solutions that are ‘designed for you and made to last’.

Futrix Limited

Futrix Health provides a revolutionary healthcare analytic solution that empowers knowledge workers to easily access disparate healthcare data and freely analyze across all of the data sources. Users can create any kind of measure, quality metric, grouping, or viewpoint, and then drill across all other data sources to pursue their information objectives, with the system automatically managing the integrity of the results. Privacy drill control provides precise data governors on the users based on their assigned data access privileges. Futrix Health can be implemented in 5 days or less, including user training, data registration, creation of initial dashboard and reports, and workshops to empower users to explore their data on their own with minimal IT involvement.

Tiatros Inc.

Tiatros provides every patient his own HIPAA-compliant ‘virtual medical office,’ or “CarePod,” connecting the patient, his extended healthcare team, and anyone else that needs to participate in his care using a robust suite of synchronous/asynchronous communication and collaboration tools, e.g., posts, audio and video blogging, video chats, SMS, and multi-party video-conferencing. Paper medical records are faxed directly into the patient’s CarePod and specialized medical records, e.g., complete ultrasounds and MRIs, are easily uploaded into his CarePod, where they are immediately viewable on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Tiatros’ proprietary data collection, maintenance, analysis and display capabilities allow healthcare teams to gather real-time clinical information about the patient’s medical condition from many sources, e.g., medical devices, biosensors, mobile applications, genomic sequences on an on-going basis, enabling them to make better-informed, faster decisions about his treatment plan. Tiatros also supports therapeutic reminders, notifications, macro and micro surveys, reporting, and patent interactions.

Awarent Inc.

Awarent Inc. is an innovator in mobile health care market. We provide smart health monitoring solutions designed to empower the consumers for systematic end-to-end fitness and wellness. Our mission is to raise consumer awareness of personal health by providing self-monitoring and guidance for healthier lifestyle


DailyEndorphin offers employers a turnkey, customizable solution for wellness. DailyEndorphin differentiates itself from most corporate wellness programs by: (1) leveraging the power of groups and friendly competition to increase participation and motivation, (2) creating a fun and interactive way for employees to pursue better health, and (3) providing simple, customizable challenges that track real change over time.

WMS Technology Solutions, Inc.

WMS Technology Solutions has created a comprehensive corporate suite of online health and wellness tools and modules designed to engage and offer insight and analysis into personalized health & wellness information and activities that provide flexible portals for organizations to provide to our customer's clients, employees and members. Modules include many core features in wellness, coaching, scheduling, health analytics, biometrics, program management, e-learning, incentive management, mobile tracking, task/goal management and API integration. The platform can be implemented and configured in three levels from dedicated environments to multi-tenant within our WMS Cloud. WMS provides all implementation in a private label format and the ongoing support and R&D to provide the continual value add to offer a comprehensive engagement platform to your members.


MEDgle simplifies the management of human health and helps providers and patients achieve 10x care outcomes using Holmes, a big data health analytics powered clinical advisor and assistant platform. MEDgle works to operationalize health data - taking patient information and creating actionable meaning. For each patient, we leverage their Health Data Streams (chronological health history) and transform them into individualized next-step care action items and health indicators. At the macro level, we use the aggregate patient Health Data Streams and produce interactive clinical and financial predictive models so that the best care, with less time and cost, can be delivered. Collectively, our Health Data Stream analytics puts patient data to work and transfers the focus from record management to human health management. Our data and clinical applications can be integrated (restful webservice APIs) into existing health systems or used as a stand-alone services.


Azumio turns your smartphone into a biofeedback device. With a growing suite of mobile applications, Azumio can gather heart rate, heart rate variability, stress and sleep data from an individual. With cutting-edge technology that allows users to couple qualitative description data with bio-feedback data- Azumio is blazing the trail of mobile health. Azumio has currently amassed over 20 million downloads of our apps globally and is currently looking for active partnerships to grow that users base, increase active usage and find ways to connect relevant patient data to insurance and medical providers.

Innovate Wireless Health

We are a mobile technology-driven healthcare data analytics company. IWH created RxMinder, a multi-directional, real-time, patient-centric, incentive based communications platform, built around the modern day chronically ill patient. RxMinder was created to increase medication adherence, prescription refill persistence and patient engagement. IWH delivers actionable data analytics, collected with the RxMinder platform, for stakeholders to use in creating long-term healthcare cost saving strategies.

Mingle Analytics

We provide products and services to help physician practices and health systems integrate information technology, patient centeredness, and accountability. Our goals are to reduce costs, improve quality and safety of care, improve physician and staff satisfaction, practice revenue and profit—and delight patients. Services include consulting, project management, EHR content management, and custom reporting. Products include data integration and comprehensive reporting. Reporting solutions include reports to earn federal PQRS & Meaningful Use incentives, achieve and maintain NCQA certification, and monitor key practice productivity, delivery, outcome, and quality measures


Thryve's mission is to build health and wellness applications that people love to use. We focus on mobile products; our first being a mobile food coach.


SpectraMD has become a leader in providing business intelligence solutions that leverage clinical data analytics to assist health systems, provider networks and health plans in improving outcomes, meeting quality measures to increase financial performance, reporting adverse events and managing readmissions. Additionally, our educational and assessment programs offer ongoing support for continuous quality improvement (CQI) among physicians and leadership in both hospital and ambulatory care settings. In recognition of our commitment to transform and improve healthcare delivery through data driven analytics, we were recently named BEST Healthcare/IT Company at the 2012 New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) Venture Conference and were an Innovator Finalist at the ONC Aligned Health IT Innovation Summit Mid-Atlantic Regional Event.


AccessMD uses an online platform to connect patients with rare, severe and complex conditions to the top hospitals in those specialties to deliver a certified second opinion from experts at the forefront of clinical research in the field. FOr patients, it solves access problems created by geographical distance and busy schedules. For hospitals and physicians, it provides access to exciting patients and expands the reach of their brand. AccessMD is building a HIPAA-compliant online data management tool leveraging Microsoft technology to deliver content between patient and hospital physician safely, and efficiently.


Launched in 2010 and based in Atlanta, GA, Sharecare is an interactive, social Q & A platform that allows people to ask, learn and act upon questions of health and wellness. Created by Jeff Arnold and Dr. Mehmet Oz, in partnership with Harpo Studios, Remark Media (NASDAQ: MARK), Sony Pictures Television, and Discovery Communications, the company's innovative approach provides the consumer access to a wide array of health and wellness experts ranging from hospitals to doctors, specialists to non-profits, to healthcare companies and active health consumers, creating a thriving community where healthcare knowledge is built, shared and put into practice.


GameMetrix enables the Health eGames Industry with game-based customer engagement solutions designed for conversion, retention and community building. The SAAS, patent-pending customizable platform is flexible, simple, and secure. Our customers need flexible customizable solutions that provide the power of games and game mechanics to build loyal consumers – loyal to our customer’s brand value.

U Squared Interactive

Computerized Treatment of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Mild to Moderate Levels of Depression and Anxiety. Already in use in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Northern Ireland. 50 - 100% of primary care docs in those countries have it available to prescribe.