Matchpoint San Francisco Fall 2011

Health 2.0 Matchpoint turns our typical conference on its head by placing health tech entrepreneurs up close and personal in 15 minute meetings, across a table from organizations looking to pilot, partner, or invest in their technologies.

These companies met at  5th Annual San Francisco Fall Conference on September 25-27, 2011.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to helping people nationwide live healthier lives by simplifying the health care experience, meeting consumer health and wellness needs, and sustaining trusted relationships with care providers. They contract directly with more than 650,000 physicians and care professionals and 5,000 hospitals nationwide. UnitedHealthcare serves more than 38 million people and is one of the businesses of UnitedHealth Group (UHG).

Companies in the following categories are of interest to UHG: Gaming , Search Tools, Content, Wellness Tools, Provider Search Tools, Coaching and Advisory Services, Data Utility Layer Tools, Privacy and Identity Security tools, Patient-provider communication Tools, Patient Communities Online communities, Self Management tools & trackers Tools, Personal health assessments Tools, B2B Clinician Workflow, and B2B Revenue Management

Looking For

The ‘Pandora of health’: Companies who are able to interact with an individual in a way that dynamically factors in his/her preferences in serving up 'solutions' that improve the individuals’ health.

May be transitioning innovative practices that originated outside of the health field into health and wellbeing, e.g.gaming companies Have solutions that target/address the diversity in the population through technology: cultural & ethnographic diversity, as well as demographic diversity (e.g. teeners vs Baby Boomers)

Offer innovative condition management solutions that go beyond traditional chronic diseases

California Health Care Foundation

The CHCF Health Innovation Fund was launched in 2010 and will invest approx. $10MM in medical and health care devices, technologies and services over 3 years. We are looking to support entrepreneurs with business concepts that have the potential to significantly lower the total cost of delivering care or to substantially improve access to health care.

We are interested in prototype-ready products or services with demonstrated customer interest and a clear benefits for the people of California.

Looking For

Telehealth solutions

Remote monitoring

Preventing hospital readmissions

Solutions to support underserved populations by lowering costs or improving access (e.g. help minorities find the cheapest option with the right information at the right time in the right language)

Mental Health applications

Medication adherence

InterWest Partners

While you probably know Interwest Partners from their investments in Epocrates (mobile health pioneer, 2011 IPO) and Doximity (leading physician community/communications platform) – the firm has been investing at the intersection of information technology and healthcare since 1979. As a result, the InterWest team understands the unique opportunities and challenges involved with innovating and delivering revolutionary technology and software solutions for health care markets.

The firm’s cross disciplinary team of technology and life sciences professionals brings deep expertise across a range of disciplines from cloud/SaaS computing, analytics and consumer/enterprise mobility to personalized medicine, medical technology and health care delivery.

For Matchpoint on September 26, Interwest is looking to meet with passionate entrepreneurs who are committed to bringing about disruptive change in the health care industry. Of particular interest to the Interwest team are innovative companies in the following areas:

Looking For

Consumer solutions focused on provider and benefit selection, financial management, and diagnosis/triage

Companies at the intersection of wellness, behavioral health and mobile technology including self-management tools/trackers, mobile devices and sensor technology

Connectivity and communications between and among providers and patients, including decisions support, clinical workflow, administrative tools, analytics and information exchange

Technology and platforms which serve to improve information flow/exchange and privacy/identity management

Software that helps provider/payor efficiency and revenue generation and management


HHS, ONC, and the VA have all agreed to also make senior representatives available for a government-group presence during the Matchpoint-session to meet with selected companies. And not just any representatives either: Peter Levin (VA), Rick Gilfillan, (HHS/CMS Innovation Center), Claudia Williams (HHS/ONC), Craig Brammer (HHS/ONC), Pierce Graham-Jones, (HHS/ONC), Aman Bhandari (HHS/OCTO) and others will be attending to learn about new innovations currently taking place.

Looking For

Medication therapy management (MTM)

Patient safety, reducing readmission, hospital-acquired infections

Data: data-services to provide ACO-support, care transitions, information exchange

Health analytics, business intelligence


At AT&T, we believe that the use of technology and smart networks can help improve the quality of care, drive out costs and ultimately create a healthier world.

AT&T ForHealth℠ is a practice area that will accelerate delivery of innovative wireless, cloud-based and networking services and applications to help the healthcare industry improve patient care and reduce costs. Its focus is to deliver advanced IT solutions to healthcare industry businesses such as hospitals, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and physicians.

Under the AT&T ForHealth umbrella, AT&T is developing and delivering advanced IT solutions in four areas: mHealth, telehealth, cloud-based healthcare solutions and healthcare information exchange (HIE).

Looking For

-Cloud-based imaging solutions (e.g., oncology, digital pathology, claims attachments, claims submissions)
-Next generation mobile image viewing solutions
-Cloud-based, flexible, centralized scheduling apps
Healthcare-specific voice recognition and dictation transcription services/software
Innovative telehealth solutions, including remote patient monitoring for disease management, post acute and independent aging as well as patient-provider communication
Social networking solutions for patients and providers
-Mobile solutions for personal health assessment, tracking and self-management
-New privacy and identity management solutions for mobile devices
-Clinical decisions support analytical engines
SaaS revenue cycle management solutions
-Computer assisted coding
-Advanced clinical research information systems
-Patient throughput and logistics management solutions