Matchpoint San Francisco Fall 2012

Health 2.0 Matchpoint

Matchpoint San Francisco 2012 is an exclusive opportunity for health technology entrepreneurs and large organizations, payors, and foundations to meet in designated 15-20 minute meetings.

Showcase a demo.  During these meetings, innovators have the opportunity to engage in roundtable discussions from potential partners and investors. Both parties can plan for an interactive experience that includes open discussion to determine potential avenues for collaboration.

Establish partnerships. These up close and personal meetings allow innovators to pilot, collaborate, and partner with interested companies. Matchpoint meetings offer both innovators and organizations a chance to discover opportunities together.

Join our community. Matchpoint participants are given time to interact with selected companies based on their interests and area of expertise. Participants are reviewed by an expert committee to ensure that these interactions yield the greatest benefit to all parties. In addition to the meetings, Health 2.0 will offer concurrent workshops with an impressive line of speakers and a privately held cocktail reception. 

Take a look at which industry leaders hosted a Matchpoint table or explore the innovative companies that will met with them.


Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) believes that health IT will fundamentally change how we engage with and provide superior medical value to patients and physicians. We are interested in companies pursuing innovation / opportunities related to the digital workflow of Health Care Providers, the role of Big Data/Real World Data in healthcare, and how social media will enable patients and HCP’s to find appropriate health information and connect with peer communities.

While BMS will continue to focus on development and commercialization of biopharmaceuticals, we are looking to expand our health IT capabilities through corporate level partnerships with leading or emerging companies in our areas of interest. Our goal is to develop broad collaborations, partnerships, or pilots with Health IT companies to shape and develop innovative solutions that improve patient care and outcomes.

Looking For

Disease and medication awareness


Treatment support


Real-World Data

Social media

Premera Blue Cross

After decades of falsely proclaiming the age of consumer centric care, the consumer is finally moving to the center of decision making for their health; ready or not. However, we don’t think they have all the tools and support they need for this new role. Further we believe the theoretical basis for many of the tools being created won’t ‘move the dial’ on consumer behavior. If integrated health information and ‘stages of change’ was all we needed to empower our consumers in this new world, it would be nice. But it ain’t necessarily so.

Premera Blue Cross will meet with technology companies capable of pioneering this new age. Premera asks, what is the impact of any of our communications and how can we infer more effective communication and service offerings based on that ongoing learning? Solutions sought include: ways to identify when an individual is open to engage in change, to take advantage of those expected and unplanned moments of epiphany; deliver contextually relevant information and services based on traditional medical and claims searches, to answers questions for our members they didn’t even know they wanted to ask; means to identify what is meaningful to our users’ lives that can be used to encourage and drive behavior; strategies to mix and match tools, services, and benefits into personalized health plan packages; tools that encourage peer support and change; tools we can’t imagine but will blow our socks off because it could generate so much personal and/or group change

Looking For

‘Meaning’ driven assessments

Contextual search

Social support

Self-Management Tools

Whole person profiling

Behavior change acceleration

Alternative coaching models

Inference/machine learning based messaging


United Healthcare

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to helping people nationwide live healthier lives by simplifying the health care experience, meeting consumer health and wellness needs, and sustaining trusted relationships with care providers. They contract directly with more than 650,000 physicians and care professionals and 5,000 hospitals nationwide. UnitedHealthcare serves more than 38 million people and is one of the businesses of
UnitedHealth Group (UHG).

We are interested in prototype-ready products or services with demonstrated customer interest and a clear benefit to consumers, hospitals, physicians, government entities, etc. Examples of the kind of companies were interested in speaking with are those in the following spaces: health care devices, data/health analytics, mobile, rewards/incentives, and chronic condition management.

Looking For

Behavior modification solutions

Patient/Caregiver/Doctor connections


Health & Wellness coaching/advising services

Patient/Consumer Remote health monitoring

Transparency tools


Today, the consumer’s healthcare journey is fragmented. Data is scattered everywhere – in the claims of the insurance company that covers me, in the manila folder of the Doctor who treats me, in the app my mother uses to track her blood sugar levels, in the nutrition app that is flashing an unhappy face because I just caved and ate a donut. It is not, however, in the hands of the person who needs it most – ME. I want a view of my whole health. I want to be able to share this view with my doctor. I want the apps I use to recognize ME and tailor my experience. I do not, however, have the time to enter and maintain my health information in a special system just to enable this. I’m out there staying fit, not typing numbers into a web site. I just want to continue to use the apps I do today to manage my healthy life while my data automatically updates in one place…and I want to share this information with the apps of my choosing to personalize my experience. I want CarePass Sync.

Aetna launched the CarePass platform in 2012 to make living a healthy life a bit simpler for all consumers, not just our members. CarePass Sync is a secure, cloud-based service that allows a consumer’s health identity to follow them from app to app, recording their healthy activities, personalizing their experience, and readying a whole-health view for when they need it. And the best part…the consumer/she doesn’t ever have to think about it. The run recorded in her CarePass Sync enabled training app will automatically be reflected as deducted calories in her CarePass Sync enabled calorie tracking app. And recorded in her personal health cloud. Perfect. She can even link with family members because her health wouldn’t be whole without all those she cares for…and who care for herLater in 2012, we will allow Aetna members to sync their member portal logins with a CarePass account. Their health data will automatically populate their CarePass and stay up-to-date alongside the fitness, nutrition, and wellness information flowing in from the CarePass Sync enabled apps that they use. And…we will feature CarePass connected apps in a showcase on the Aetna member portal for easy access and download.

Looking For

Top consumer rated apps with significant, established user bases available in the Google Play and/or iTunes App Stores in the following categories:
• Strength & Fitness
• Diet & Nutrition
• Women’s Health
• Stress, Sleep & Mental Health
• Smoking Cessation
• Chronic Condition Management
• Medication Management
• Emergency Care
• Pharmacy
• Health Information
Implement CarePass Sync and your app gains access to a new distribution channel. Consumers get a way to connect their healthcare journey. Let’s make health care convenient.


Ziegler is an investment bank looking to support health innovation at all stages in its life-cycle. We are looking to engage with startups from the first round of funding to the final IPO.

Looking For

Companies with successful products in the health IT!

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is known for its leadership in the use of health information technology. We aim to empower our members by equipping them with their health information, as well as the tools they need to take action on that information to better their lives. Ideally, we would like to partner with companies that truly understand what it means and what it takes to put the patient at the center of all health care decisions and practices. We are interested in opportunities related to all aspects of mobile health and remote health management, including wearable sensors (e.g. Fitbit, Nike Fuel) and remote health condition monitoring.

Looking For

Mobile health, communications, decision support, and monitoring


The Diabetes business at Medtronic is the world leader in advanced diabetes management solutions, including integrated diabetes management systems, insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring systems and therapy management software, as well as world-class, 24/7 expert consumer and professional service and support. From hospital to clinic to home, we are developing patient management solutions that connect patients to better care and help physicians make decisions more efficiently.

Medtronic’s vision is to make it easy and convenient to access the wealth of data and insights captured by our integrated insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) so that people can more proactively manage their diabetes. Today, our Carelink® system for diabetes gives device patients and their healthcare teams important device- and health-related information to better manage their chronic disease. Tomorrow, our goal is to provide people with diabetes and their caregivers convenient options to access their diabetes health information anytime, anywhere.

Looking For

Remote/Mobile Health

Patient-friendly data visualization

Data integration and analytics

Lifestyle self-management tools, Health and Wellness coaching

Social support networks

Practice improvement, automation

Consumer health and user experience/interaction design

Cooley LLP

Cooley is an innovation partner in the e-health ecosystem—guiding entrepreneurs, companies, investors and institutions at the forefront of the development and adoption of transformative technologies that are redefining health care access and improving the quality of care, while reducing the overall costs. Recognizing that many of the emerging and innovative e-health companies transcend particular disciplines and business models, Cooley's E-Health and Health Care Information Technology Practice combines decades of experience guiding health care and life sciences companies, software, e-commerce and social media innovators, mobile service and payment providers, gaming companies, health care providers and leaders in the medical technology field.

With our guidance, our e-health clients have raised more $400 million in private, institutional and venture capital financing in the last three years. We advise on a broad range of emerging company formation and venture capital financings, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and corporate governance matters. We counsel clients on strategic partnering, licensing and commercialization arrangements, intellectual property counseling and intellectual property litigation matters and are experienced in advising e-health companies on regulatory matters, HIPAA compliance and various related matters. We represent leading companies such as AwarePoint, Epocrates, PatientSafe Solutions, Proteus Biomedical and Qualcomm and Sotera Wireless.

Looking For

Innovative Health Companies

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Packard Foundation's Children, Families & Communities program is interested in connecting with the innovative and high-impact companies working in key interest areas for the foundation.

Since 2001 the CFC team has been working through a national multi-year strategic grantmaking initiative to ensure that all children in the U.S. have access to health insurance. In the last decade since, the program is on track to achieve 95% coverage of children.

The team is looking to understand what companies and private-sector activity will impact maternal and child health and families' access to quality care in U.S., as they are considering how a strategy
that includes investment could increase their impact.

Looking For

- Maternal, pediatric & primary care innovation
- Innovation impacting coverage and access to care for children and families
- Linguistic access and care coordination solutions
- Health insurance exchanges
- Navigator and enrollment solutions to help families get and retain coverage and access to health care homes

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