Alexander Börve

Founder & CEO First Derm (Sweden/USA)

alexander borve

Alexander Börve will do a demo of First Derm, a mobile app enabling people to take a picture of a skin condition and ask for a dermatology opinion. Why did we put it in the Unmentionables’ session? Because First Derm quickly realized that 30% of the pictures they were receiving were taken below the belt!

As founder and CEO of iDoc24, Alex is focused on building a suite of cell-phone based triage applications, including STD Triage. His latest product, First Derm, allows users to submit pictures of skin conditions to a doctor and receive a diagnosis, treatment plan, and a link to a local dermatologists. In his spare time, Alex is a serial entrepreneur, spine surgeon, PhD student, Health 2.0 activist, multi-linguist, and world traveler who has lived in seven countries.