Amir Kishon

Chairman and CEO Wellness Layers

amir_headshot_health_2.0Chairman and CEO of Wellness Layers Inc., Dr. Kishon is a veteran of the digital healthcare market. Wellness Layers is a provider of enterprise Digital Therapeutics solutions that drive long term consumer engagement, improve population health and dramatically reduce costs. The Wellness Layers Digital Therapeutics platform enables health and wellness companies to rapidly establish their own white-label, collaborative digital health and wellness programs, ultimately building a highly effective, efficient and scalable bridge between their clinicians/coaches and their patients or users. The platform has been designed to support programs for pre/post-acute care, condition management, medication adherence, nutrition/fitness management, employee wellness, behavior health and more. Amir also serves on the Board of MJHS, one of the most expansive, charitable not-for-profit health systems in the Greater New York area.

Dr. Kishon will demo Wellness Layer’s Digital Therapeutics Platform — displaying how their clients can customize a condition management plan, a patient can follow this plan on their app, and then how a coach can intervene from the back end.