Amy Ingles

Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator City of Jacksonville


Ms. Ingles is a Georgia Tech alumnus, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master’s degrees in both Civil Engineering and City Planning. Her Master’s thesis introduced a framework for transportation decision-making that combined practices from Performance Management and Health Impact Assessment to better integrate health considerations into the transportation planning and programming processes. For the last three years, she lived in Boston, Massachusetts, where she sharpened her skills as a bicycle/pedestrian advocate, conducted innovative research at the John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, sat on the Board of a fast-growing bicycle co-op called CommonWheels, and did a brief stint as a bicycle courier with Metro Pedal Power. She is passionate about city life, public engagement, and supporting all modes of transportation so that everyone has a convenient and dignified way to get where they n eed to go. She has also lived quite happily without owning a car for nearly four years, relying on her bicycle for most of daily travels.