Amy Li

Founder Dance4Healing
amy_scanbrainAmy Li is Founder of Dance4Healing, a social venture leading the trend of telehealth into physical rehab space, inspired by her own fight against stage IV cancer, a partner for Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program. Rooted in neuroscience, Dance4Healing is a social platform connecting dance teachers to patients, using artificial intelligence and behavior design to recommend personalized music and dance, dance buddies and patient groups based on real-time emotion and health data, alleviating mental & physical pain, and improving quality of life.
At age 12, Amy won first prize in a county-wide speech contest. She performed in big theaters, and MC’d many educational and corporate functions. This gave her a lot of confidence and made her believe she can accomplish anything in life. In 2007, she climbed Mt. Whitney; in 2011, she ran a marathon; in 2012, she fought cancer; in 2013, she conquered cancer.
Amy is a graduate from Singularity University, known for empowering future leaders to use technology to positively impact the world. A UX and branding leader and expert for global brands such as Yahoo, AT&T, VW, HTC, and Playstation, built/led UX and creative teams in design agencies and large tech companies.