Andreas Caduff

biovotionheadshots201111110141Andreas Caduff, PhD, held various positions in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. In his previous position he was serving as CTO of Solianis where he orchestrated the overall technology and product development, clinical study strategies, regulatory considerations, interaction with the industrial/scientific community. Mr Caduff is an expert in physiological monitoring techniques and involved physiological/metabolic processes, combining the expertise in various fields relevant to the industrialisation and commercialisation of wearable monitoring technologies. In 2011, he founded Biovotion, an organisation developing specialised non-invasive physiological monitoring products and mHealth applica tions. With his team he has received high calibre endorsements and several international awards, including an award from the XPrize Foundation.

Biovotion will present its VSM Multisensor platform, which has just been approved in Europe as a medical device class 2.