Aneesh Chopra

Chief Technology Officer United States Federal Government

President Obama appointed Aneesh, who was formerly Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s Secretary of Technology, as the first Federal CTO in April 2009. Ever since he’s been barnstorming the country making sure that technology folks are heard in DC and vice-versa. He’s already established—for sharing lightweight Web 2.0 technologies for government agencies, for the government and the public to solve problems together, and he played a leading role in the establishment of CHDI. Aman Bhandari from Aneesh’s team at the EOSTP has been working with HHS and Health 2.0 on (one of) the next phase(s) of CHDI. Aneesh was our keynote in 2009, and we’re so pleased that he’s back to co-present today. But the way we really know that Aneesh is making an impact is that he’s already been featured on Jon Stewart’s show—although how bad a punking is it when you get compared to George Clooney?