Arnie Milstein

Professor of Medicine and Director of the Clinical Excellence Research Center Stanford University

Arnie’s distinguished career as medical director of the Pacific Business Group on Health and at Mercer Consulting took a turn last year when he became head of the new Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center. Arnie’s spent his career investigating and highlighting care delivery models that lower health care spending and improve clinical outcomes—including a series of articles highlighting primary care-driven communities across America that have succeeded despite our current reimbursement system. Arnie’s also been a mover behind technology, including being an inspiration behind Cisco’s HealthPresence. Now at Stanford collaborating with the Schools of Medicine, Engineering and Business, Arnie’s going to be building new care models (and not necessarily in Stanford’s new $2 billion taj-mahospital). We can’t think of anyone better to put America’s cost problems in perspective and help assess how Health 2.0 might help.