Chris Adams

cpa_pictureMr. Adams previously founded and served as CEO of several companies including Walleye Technologies, Diopter Corporation, and Mosaic Technologies. At all three organizations, Mr. Adams was instrumental in raising venture capital, forming scientific and business advisory boards, recruiting and hiring key employees, and negotiating key corporate agreements and research collaborations. Diopter invented and developed a biological contact lens to treat corneal scarring. The technology was successfully sold and has been used on over 25,000 patients to help maintain a healthy cornea. He was also responsible for the successful commercialization of several other products including the “see through solid surfaces” Millimeter Wave Camera, a product which won Time Magazines prestigious Top 10 Innovations of 2009 award. Mr. Adams performed graduate work in molecular immunology at the University of Massachusetts and was on the research staff at the Massa chusetts Institute of Technology Human Genome Center. He received a BA from Assumption College and is the inventor on 18 patents.

Chris will show how Ceeable’s  technology works online.