Christian Marten

screen_shot_20160901_at_11.32.33_amChristian studied Bioengineering at the University of Rostock, Germany, and the Kolff Artificial Heart Laboratory at the University of Utah in the U.S. After his graduation from college in 1995, he joined the an orthopedic device company in Germany as a sales manager, where he was essential in laying the foundation for the company‚Äôs success. As Managing Director and COO the US subsidiary of this orthopedic device company, Christian gained comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the medical device business. Extensive travels throughout the U.S. brought him into many hospitals and physicians’ offices, leading to countless discussions with healthcare professionals and also patients about healthcare. Based on his experiences, Christian created the first product concept for iGetBetter and the namesake. Christian led the development of the application from concept to usable product, which resulted in the establishment of iGetBetter, Inc. where he is responsible for the functional evolution of the product, as well as driving the introduction and operational deployment with customers.

Christian will briefly show how clinician and patient interact with the iGetBetter cloud-based application.