Chuck Freedman

chuckChuck Freedman is Director of Platform Strategy for Mashery’s Strategy Services team, dedicated to driving platform success for APIs across all industries. His roots in API success include the emergence of modern web APIs in 2005, leading development on Yahoo! Maps platform. Chuck applies a decade of API expertise, within a 14 year technology career, advising on API business strategy, platform marketing and API product development to help platforms drive partnerships, quality app integration and developer adoption.

Chuck’s talents for tailoring API Strategy have contributed to API success recently in healthcare, content delivery, media, financial services and retail, among many API verticals. Prior to joining Mashery, Chuck’s efforts opening up APIs at Ribbit led to developer community growth of 6,000 in its first year and culminated when the breakthrough voice & messaging platform was acquired by BT in 2008. His first book, Yahoo! Maps Mashups, was published in 2007 to promote partner and developer adoption of APIs including maps, Flickr and others.