Cristina Cabeza

Critical Care Physician Apptimiza (SP)

foto_carnetCristina Cabeza is a Critical Care physician with 6 years of experience at the ICU. Previously, she worked at the Emergency Room during 7 years. Cristina is interested in shock resuscitation, cardiac arrest, Medical Emergency Teams and m-Health development. From the 2014, she is medical advisor and communication manager of Apptimiza, a software company from Catalonia founded by Sergi Mayol and Javier Berbel. iCPR is their first app, an interactive assistant that optimize the whole cardiopulmonary resuscitation process through voices, alarms, texts and other graphic supports. Through two studies published in the Resuscitation Journal, they showed that iCPR significantly optimizes the performance of the CPR, according to the established international standards, and significantly improves the survival of patients who suffered an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest until they are transferred to the hospital. Cristina joins Health 2.0 Barcelona for presenting iCPR to healthcare professionals and to other professionals that can use the app in their daily activity, as policemen, firemen, lifeguards and army soldiers, helping them to improve their CPR outcomes. She also expects to take this great opportunity for sharing knowledges and discuss future prospects with other companies of the field.