Daisuke Maki

President CROee US, Inc

CROee_Daisuke_Maki_photoUtilizing his experience as a systems engineer, in 2004 Daisuke Maki embarked on the development of EDC at a Contract Research Organization (CRO). Beginning in 2006, he gained experience in medical institution support services at a Site Management Organization (SMO), and set up his own IT consulting business in 2007. In 2009, Mr. Maki established CROée Inc., Japan’s first CRO specializing in research/trial subject recruitment. Centering on consulting services for pharmaceutical companies, CROée Inc. has thus far provided support for more than 250 protocols. Utilizing the CROée Group’s nationwide database of 65,000 volunteers, CROée introduces some 120,000 cases annually to medical institutions in relation to clinical research/trials and provides support for approx. 8,000 cases annually on a P2, 3 trial allocation base, making it Japan’s largest Patient Recruitment Organization (PRO). Currently, the company is broadening its activities from the field of clinical development to healthcare overall.